Breaking News: Texas Shooter Gunman Updates Nov. 7th 2017

Special edition updates regarding the horrible tragedy in Texas.

Texas Shooter Was Once Charged With Punching A Puppy

Texas Gunman Escaped Mental Institution In 2012 After Threatening Military Superiors

US Far Right Tries To Spread Conspiracy Theories About Motives Behind Church Shooting

Texas Shooting Survivors Say Gunman Targeted Crying Babies

Texas Shooter Had 3 Gun Wounds

Texas Gunman Yelled “Everyone Die Motherfuckers!”

Texas Shooter Had Purpose And Mission In Family Feud

Breaking News: November 6th 2018

Here’s a handful of links especially picked out just for you:

Alleged Texas killer’s chilling Facebook post days before massacre

Scariest Murder Of The 20th Century Is Still Unsolved

What It’s Like To Learn You Are Going To Die

Charles Manson Model Inmate But Use To Be A Terror

Most Infamous Events In Each Of New Jersey’s 21 Counties

Flashback: Beltway Sniper Terrorizes Washington D.C.

Bonus: This reporter can’t say his name without moving his head

Breaking News For November 3rd, 2017

Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep

Japan police investigate possible serial killer in Tokyo suburb

East Texas mom confesses to murdering her 2 daughters in their sleep

Dana Chandler’s hopes for new double murder trial hinge on prosecutor Jacqie Spradling’s false claims

Man slaughtered, teacher freed in California school deadlock

The Voice Behind Many Bestselling Books On Tape Is Actually A Serial Killer

Florida’s Mugshot King WORKS IT For The Camera!

James Way is a criminal… he’s been arrested and he’s got mugshots… a lot of mugshots. He wasn’t arrested for murder, or (despite what the pics might make you think) crystal meth, or anything else really bad… he’s just got a bad habit of trespassing A LOT! He’s been arrested 15 times in the past 3 years and 14 of those arrests were for trespassing. When people point a camera at James, he doesn’t just sit there like some criminal douchebag… he makes crazy faces for the camera and the public loves it! (more…)

Legally Dead: Serial Killer Kills Lawyers

This is a hilarious lawyer/law comedy short that was shown at the SlamDance film festival back in the 90’s – it’s hilarious and stars Brian Scott McFadden, Vance DeGeneres, and Jeremy Kramer. It’s absolutely hilarious.

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