Florida’s Mugshot King WORKS IT For The Camera!

James Way is a criminal… he’s been arrested and he’s got mugshots… a lot of mugshots. He wasn’t arrested for murder, or (despite what the pics might make you think) crystal meth, or anything else really bad… he’s just got a bad habit of trespassing A LOT! He’s been arrested 15 times in the past 3 years and 14 of those arrests were for trespassing. When people point a camera at James, he doesn’t just sit there like some criminal douchebag… he makes crazy faces for the camera and the public loves it!

20 MORE T-Shirts You Do NOT Want To Be Arrested In!

Probably not a good idea to wear you joke shirt when you go to commit a crime…

Graffiti Is A FUN Crime

The only crime I see is that these people aren’t getting credit for their work. Here’s some of the funniest graffiti I’ve ever seen. CHECK OUT: The Internet Loves To Make Fun Of Nancy Grace [FUNNY IMAGE GALLERY]

23 Hilarious Crime Blotters!

Sometimes the victims are as dumb as the criminals! Thanks to Ebaumsworld, Oddee and Useless Humor … check them out for more laughs! Check out Hall of Shame and Mugshots! for more bizarre crime stories and photos!

ARUBA: Come For The Beaches, Stay Cuz They Can’t Find Your Body [FUNNY ARUBA TRAVEL POSTERS]
aruba-come-stay copy

I’ve never been to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba but it sounds like a lot of fun (if you don’t get murdered). Their Aruba official travel slogan is “One happy island.” Unless you get murdered, then the “happy island” becomes kind of a bummer. I thought I could help Aruba come up with some travel posters that were more appropriate. Aruba: You’ve got 99 problems, but when you get back from Aruba, a bitch won’t be one.   Aruba: You won’t be able to leave, because they won’t find your body.   Aruba: One happy island, and a bunch of unmarked graves.   I mean, odds are that nothing bad will happen.   Aruba: even the girls on your own travel posters are missing!   Aruba: We’ll be lookin’ for you! At least they promise to look for you if you go missing. Our prices won’t kill you but someone else might!   Aruba: Come for the beaches, stay cuz they can’t find your body.   Aruba: The quickest way to get on the Nancy Grace show.   Aruba taxi service!   Aruba: Don’t just murder, murder right!   Arooohuba!   Aruba: What happens in Aruba stays in Aruba, especially if what happens is murder. 90,000 friends you haven’t met yet!   Aruba Dutch Caribbean Resorts sound like so much fun!   Aruba: Getting home is half the fun!   Aruba: They’ll never find her body. Netherlands West Indies   All these dudes have lost their girlfriends/wives/dates/platonic [...]

A Crime Fit For The Big Screen

God love the New York Post…my favorite trashy mag to read. This week tells of an heiress who owned a “42-room Fifth Avenue apartment, palatial estates in Connecticut and California, fabled jewels, Impressionist art, and a priceless collection of antique dolls.” Huguette Clark who lived to be 104 and seemed to be positively senile or in some kind of fantasy world. According to all claims she spent just about every waking minute either playing with or talking about dolls. So her nurse, financial adviser and other employees just start dividing her fortune up amongst themselves. We’re talking one guy getting millions of dollars and five homes from his boss. By the time the old gal dies, there’s nothing left for her relatives who are now sewing for some kind of mishandling, though I think cops should be prosecuting for flat out stealing. How can you determine the mental state of a dead lady? How come her family didn’t force them to get her some kind of mental testing when the money started disappearing? Did they really hide it from everybody? Reminds me of the film “A New Leaf” with Elaine May and Walter Matthau. Her servants and lawyer are all just stealing her money and living off of her and Walter Matthau comes in and cleans house. It’s actually an extremely enjoyable film if you ever get the chance to rent it. I think this one could easily be a big screen comedic tragedy or at least a Lifetime movie. [...]

Racism in El Cajon And The Killing Of Shaima Alawadi

So I’m getting all caught up on the vicious murder of 32-year-old mother of 5, Shaima Alawadi. She was beaten uncontentious in her home in El Cajon (a small city in San Diego). She died later in the hospital of her injuries. There was a threatening note left near the body telling the family to basically go back where they came from. The police of El Cajon told the Los Angeles Times that they are investigating and that they haven’t seen any free floating signs of hostility towards people of ethnicity in El Cajon. I mean look, someone could murder her and try to disguise it as a hate crime. Yes, that’s possible I guess but I grew up in El Cajon. I was born in El Cajon Valley Hospital in 1970 and I did 20 solid years of hard time in El Cajon. I know it might be a different place now, because apparently it’s the home to the second largest Iraqi population in the United States, and it certainly was not when I lived there. When I lived there it was mostly white and Mexican. One of the things I do remember about El Cajon was A LOT of racist hostility, and hostility toward women. I remember Mexican’s getting beat up for crossing the boarder to find work. I remember tons of racist slurs and comments. I remember lots of crystal meth, food stamps, alcoholism, crime, bikers, occult and a general sense of lawlessness. It doesn’t shock me [...]

Legally Dead: Serial Killer Kills Lawyers
Legally Dead - YouTube

This is a hilarious lawyer/law comedy short that was shown at the SlamDance film festival back in the 90′s – it’s hilarious and stars Brian Scott McFadden, Vance DeGeneres, and Jeremy Kramer. It’s absolutely hilarious. What do you think? Show it to a lawyer you love!  

Craig’s List’s Latest Killers
Meet the New Faces of Evil_ Craigslist_s Human Hunters

Seriously, DO NOT GO MEET SOMEONE THAT YOU MET ON CRAIG’S LIST ALONE! I can’t believe we have to say this but apparently some of you aren’t quite getting the hint here. If you’re going to someone’s apartment to pick up a used TV for $50 – TAKE A FRIEND. If someone is coming to your house to look at your old sofa – MAKE SURE A FRIEND IS WAITING WITH YOU. Do not meet up with people in person that you met via Craig’s List – it’s like you’re beggin’ to be murdered. Case in point… So this pair of A-holes were running an advertisement on Craig’s List for a caretaker to take care of some plot of land in the middle of no-friggin’-where. They’d hire desperate people who needed money, people with no friends and no family and then lure these people out to bumfucked Egypt – shoot them dead and bury them in a shallow grave. Check out the details in this video: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Why would someone do this? Turns out it was just for the fun of it…the sport of the kill. I guess we’ll have to wait for the trial to find out. Over 100 people responded to the add. Read more about this crime HERE And if you’re meeting someone from Craig’s List – TAKE A WINGMAN!

Nancy Grace: The Missing White Girl Hour

Nancy has a new show except that it’s really not new. It’s what she’s always done.

Dr. Conrad Murray is GUILTY of Involuntary Manslaughter
LIVE_ Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial VERDICT Coming at 1PM PST - Nick Cannon

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the Michael Jackson Propofol murder trial. Sentencing will take place on November 29th at 8:30AM. The Jackson family including: Joe, Katherine, Randy, Jermaine, and Janet were in the courtroom to hear the verdict and Dr. Murray sat stone-faced as it was read. I wish I cared as much about this trial as I did the Casey Anthony trial.

Live Feed Of Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Verdict WATCH NOW!
LIVE_ Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial VERDICT Coming at 1PM PST - Nick Cannon

The jury is going to announce their verdict at 1PM PST. We’ve got the live feed of the chaos inside and outside the courtroom! Chaos outside the courtroom as we wait for the verdict: Live Video streaming by Ustream When the verdict is announced you will see it here: Live Video streaming by Ustream What do you think? Guilty or not guilty? Do you agree with the Jury’s decision?

All The Good Ones Are Taken: Man Kills Wife For Trashing His Star Wars Toy Collection

Rickie La Touche has been found guilty of murder for killing his wife. They had some kind of fight that led to her trashing his collection of Star Wars toys. I think that anybody who’s ever dated a nerd has fantasized about doing that at one point or another. Only this didn’t end is hot nerdy make-up sex like you might imagine. LA Douche, I mean La Touche was so pissed at the sight of his smashed up Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker toys – that he killed his wife. How? you ask…Did he use the force Darth Vader style? No, he took a pillow and smothered his wife pussy style, and then ran crying (like a true Jedi knight) to his mum’s house up the street. CLICK HERE to read more on The Telegraph.

TYPICAL: Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 30 Days but will Serve 6
Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail - NO HOUSE ARREST - Nick Cannon

TMZ and PerezHilton are reporting that a Los Angeles judge has sentenced Lindsay Lohan to serve 30 days in jail, NO HOUSE ARREST. Lindsay must surrender to the courts by November 9, 2011 and the truth is that she will probably actually serve about 6 days in jail when all is said and done. She should be out by Thanksgiving if all goes well. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player The judge also suggested that Lindsay stop Tweeting about her community service experiences. Turns out the L.A. County Morgue doesn’t like Lindsay Tweeting about them, it’s bad for their rep. Lindsay admits to violating her probation by not attending therapy sessions and by not showing up to, and eventually getting kicked out of the Downtown Women’s Center where she was supposed to do community service. The Downtown Women’s Center doesn’t want her back and neither do other women’s groups, they say she’s a bad example for the other women. The judge is keeping Lindsay on lockdown and demands that ALL of Lindsay’s community be served at the L.A. County Morgue, since they are the only ones who will have her. There’s always room for one more at the morgue! If Lindsay doesn’t comply and serve her community service when she is supposed to, the judge will put a warrant out for her arrest and sentence her to an additional 270 days in jail. Lindsay’s probation officer has fired her and refuses to work with her, so she’s going to need to [...]

Lindsay Lohan Rejected From Morgue
Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Celebrity News |

TMZ captured this hilarious video of Lindsay Lohan showing up at the back entrance to the LA county morgue like it was some kind of night club that had some kind of VIP parking situation. Turns out that the morgue does NOT have VIP parking and Lindsay was sent around front like everybody else. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Then when she went around front she was rejected for being 40-minutes late. Someone needs to get that girl a watch.

Douchebag Of The Year: Barbara Walters Wines and Dines Jose Baez To Get Casey Anthony Interview
Barbara Walters Wines and Dines Jose Baez To Get Casey Anthony Interview

The video is dark but there she is. Barbara Walters enjoying a night of theater and fine dining with Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez, while Caylee’s little body rots in pieces in the ground. How was the soup Barbara? Is that jacket keeping you warm? Enjoying dining with the devil? Barbara Walters proves that she’s as shallow and consumed with ratings as anybody else. Even willing to dine with Jose Baez, who helped to get a baby killer out of serving any time for the crime. Classy Barbara. We need to let Barbara know that we don’t want to see Casey Anthony on 20/20 or anywhere else, and that her ratings will suffer if she puts Casey on the air. What a scum bag Barbara is. She acts like she’s so intelligent and enlightened but she’s no better than any other scumbag out there. She’s willing to put a woman who got away with murdering her own baby on TV just to get ratings. What a whore! Watch the video from TMZ: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo [GRAPHIC]

YOWZA!   The prosecution in the Conrad Murray trial submitted this photo today…speechless.

ABC’s Man Up Loves True Crime!

I hear that ABC’s new sitcom “Man Up” touches on our addiction to true crime TV in an upcoming episode where the wife, “Theresa” played by Teri Polo gets a little freaked out by a true crime TV show. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat up watching Dateline and then been scared to death to walk the dogs at the end of the night. Yay! Can’t wait! The show stars Christopher Moynihan (100 Questions), Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury, Take Me Home Tonight and a ton of other stuff), Mather Zickel (Reno 911, Children’s Hospital, Rachel Getting Married, Balls of Fury) , Amanda Detmer, Henry Simmons and Teri Polo (who I just so happen to see on TV last night in some Little Fockers promo thing.) “Man Up” starts airing Tuesday nights Oct. 18th on ABC at 8:30pm. Set your DVR or Tivo so you don’t miss it! Here’s a promo for the show:

Texas Man Arrested After Beating His Wife’s Ass for Not LIKING His Facebook Status

Damn! All the good ones are taken! A dude in Texas is facing battery charges after beating his estranged wife’s ass, and pulling her hair over her lack of a response to his Facebook status update. Gotta keep those bitches in line! According to the criminal complaint, Benito Apolinar posted a comment on his Facebook page about the anniversary of his mother’s death, but Dolores Apolinar didn’t click the “like” status button. (Sounds like someone’s beggin’ for a beatin’.) The complaint says Benito Apolinar told his wife that he was unhappy that she didn’t respond like the rest of his friends with a “like” or a comment and then all hell broke loose. Benito Apolinar pleaded not guilty to one charge of battery. It is unclear if the couple plans on changing their relationship status or not.

Nancy Grace Milks Steve Jobs Death For Internet Hits

What the hell is wrong with Nancy Grace? She posted this bizarre video to YouTube along with the message, “I want to take a moment to remember Steve Jobs and send my thoughts and prayers to his family.” Creepy.

Nancy Grace Farting With The Stars!
_Dancing With the Stars_ -- The Nancy Grace Fart Mystery |

First nipple and now farts! Nancy has turned out to be the raunchiest contestant yet! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Nancy Grace Is Boob Faced Liar About Nipple Slip!

Why can’t Nancy Grace just admit that her nipple slipped out on Dancing With The Stars? Why is she pretending that she was wearing a Breast Petal? She might have put them on before going on stage, but what popped out the top of that dress was no “flower” – it was full-on nipple. Every nook and cranny of nipple. That is not a “flower” Nancy, that’s a full-on nursing nipple. I’ve seen them before. That is the color of nipple, that is the flesh of nipple. That is not the smooth dull fake flesh tones of the Breast Petal with a rippled flower petal edge. Your nipple is literally hooking over the top of the dress, like a gopher peeking out of a hole in the lawn. Why are you now lying about it and pretending that it wasn’t nipple? A woman who prides herself on truth and justice is boob faced lying to America. How can she expect TotMom Casey Anthony to tell the truth about murdering her baby, when TitMom Nancy won’t even tell the truth about a harmless little nipple slip? Boooo Nancy! I mean Boooob Nancy! CHECK OUT THE MALFUNCTION THAT STARTED IT ALL! [PICS & VIDEO OF NANCY'S NIPPLE ON DANCING WITH THE STARS!]    

Unprotected Teen Sex On The Rise In The USA

A new poll shows that unsafe teen sex is on the rise. The poll shows that teens in the United States having unprotected sex has risen almost 40% in the past 3 years. What tha??? Here are their main excuses for not using, or not wanting to use protection: 1.    None around. 2.    They run out. 3.    Too embarrassed that their parents are gonna find it. 4.    Ashamed to ask their doctors. 5.    Their partner doesn’t like using them. 6.    They don’t like using them. 7.    Both prefer not using them. 8.    And a number of teens think contraceptives are “uncool.” If you think condoms are “uncool,” wait till you get a nasty case of herpes OR WORSE. Suddenly condoms are gonna seem a lot cooler to you.  

The Conrad Murray Trial: Disturbing Michael Jackson Audio Recording Played In Court

More creepiness from the Conrad Murray trial. Audio of MJ completely fucked up. Check Out The Michael Jackson Death Photo!

CREEPY Michael Jackson Death Photo [WARNING]

I guess he doesn’t look that much different than he did when he was alive. Check Out Photo Galleries for more crime pictures!

Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial LIVE VIDEO FEED

Watch the LIVE courtroom feed of the Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial. Did Dr. Murray murder Michael Jackson? You decide. Now check out Nancy Grace’s Nipple Slip on Dancing With The Stars!

Nancy Grace’s Wardrobe Malfunction on Dancing With The Stars

Looks like one of “the twins” slipped out during Nancy’s performance on Dancing With The Stars tonight. Nothing wrong with that. Few things make us happier than seeing this picture of Nancy’s nipple. That nipple fights for justice and feeds the twins, and Nancy should be proud!

Nancy Grace Dancing With The Stars [VIDEO]
Nancy Grace & Tristan MacManus - Cha cha - Week 1 - YouTube

Some people are saying that her spunk and heart have won them over, others are saying that it’s worse than they expected. I do think it’s odd that a woman who covers missing and murdered children for living danced to a song called “Cry Baby.” What do you think of Nancy’s performance? Do you think that was the right score? Now see why Ryan ONeal quit Dancing With the “Stars”

People Save Motorcyclist From Fiery Crash In Logan Utah [AMAZING VIDEO]

Did you see this sh*t on the news yesterday? It’s amazing. Just watch the video of some people who come together to lift a car and save a motorcyclist from a fiery crash in Utah. This guy is alive because of these people. One of the men says that he was scared and the car was hot. NO SHIT! It looks hot as hell. GOOD JOB BYSTANDERS! But then did you see what they did to him immediately following? Horrifying! Now meet a guy who gets boners at Walmart!

Drama Queen Ryan O’Neal Hates Murder Queen Nancy Grace According To TMZ

This is a website devoted to true crime and that’s why we are bringing you the latest breaking news in the battle between Murder Queen Nancy Grace and Drama Queen Ryan O’Neal. TMZ is reporting that Ryan pretended to have a bad knee when really he backed out of the show because he hates Twin Mom Nancy Grace. Ryan feels that Nancy has disrespected his precious family and simply couldn’t stand to share the stage with the Nanster. Hope none of Ryan’s babies goes missing! I mean it’s not like Nancy is just some drunk cougar trying to get it on with her young dancing partner!

Nancy Grace’s 9/11 Variety Hour – I Will Remember You – REVIEW

So I got up this morning to turn on CNN’s Headline News and found Nancy Grace, cloaked in sparkly black leather and a Betty Rubble necklace (as per usual) hosing her first annual 9/11 Variety Hour titled “I Will Remember You.” The show started with Nancy and the twins being carried in sedan chair by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, Jane Casarez, Sue Moss and Peter Odom. Nancy breast fed the twins as she talked to various family members of 9/11 victims. It got really sad and that’s when the 9/11 dancers took the stage to do a beautifully choreographed dance to Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven.” Then the stage went dark and 30 min in figure skates took the stage – an impressive site – it was the New York City Firemen’s Local who did an ice skating routine to Aretha Franklin’s Rescue Me choreographed by none other than America’s own Scott Hamilton! Toward the end Nancy played Public School 116′s comedy YouTube reenactment of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. It’s goin’ viral after this for sure! What a beautiful and touching 9/11 tribute that CNN and Nancy Grace put together. Truly inspiring. I look forward to next years extravaganza. I feel like this is going to be the next step in 9/11 memorials, because after all folks, terrorism is all about RATINGS! Check out Nancy Grace lookin’ like your friends drunk cougar mom on Dancing With The Stars!    

Nancy Grace Looks Like Your Friends Drunk Cougar Mother On Dancing With The Stars 9/11

In honor of 9/11 E! released a new clip of Nancy Grace, “Dancing With The Stars.” Her appearance on this show will create an entirely new generation of survivors. Those who have survived watching Nancy Grace dance.   She’s either gonna rape this dude, or eat him. Now meet the murderer who will KILL YOU… with kindness!

Awkward Nancy Grace Dancing With The Stars Promo Shots [PICS]

This is not Chaz Bono, this is Nancy Grace… in her first promo pics for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Who knew that she would look LESS feminine in a fancy dress and heels than she does in the butchie man suits she wears on her nightly talk show. She looks about as feminine as a drag queen or some kind of professional body builder… So weird and creepy. She’s built like a toddler. Will you be tuning in? Or tuning out? What did you think of Nancy’s performance on Dancing With The Stars Last Night? WATCH THE VIDEO OF HER DEBUT PERFORMANCE BY CLICKING HERE!

Murderer Meme – He’s Gonna KILL YOU With Kindness

I love memes and murder. Have a great weekend!

Spreckels Murder Called A Suicide By Police – Are You Buying It??? [VIDEO]

San Diego police are now calling Rebecca Zahau’s murder a suicide? They say that Rebecca was so distraught over the condition of her boyfriend’s son, who fell down the stairs while she was babysitting him and later died, so she killed herself. She killed herself by tying a rope to the bed and the balcony, stripping down naked, then tying that same rope around her neck and then tied her own hands BEHIND her own back and then threw herself off the balcony. What the F kind of bullsh*t investigating led police to this conclusion? Rebecca’s family does not believe this scenario at all. Family members spoke to Rebecca the night before her death and that say that she did not seem suicidal at all. Her suicide note was written on the wall in all caps – everyone knows that caps are harder to analyze than regular handwriting and police have NEVER even asked her family for a sample of her handwriting.   Do you believe this scenario?

Nancy Grace To Face The Judges on Dancing With The Stars!

Nancy Grace has been officially added to the cast of the 13th season of “Dancing With The Stars.” I will unfortunately not be able to watch, because ABC’s Dancing With The Stars had that violent woman beater Chris Brown on their show last season, and not even Nancy Grace will get me to go back on my boycott of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars for promoting and giving money to an unapologetic violent criminal. Nancy recently met with her dance partner in Atlanta, and the rest of the cast will be announced tonight after a very special episode of The Bachelor Pad, a show that I have never even heard of.

She’s Baaaack! Casey Anthony Secretly Checks In For Probation In Florida

Theses hate mobs are really dropping the ball on this whole Casey Anthony thing. She secretly checked in for probation a few days early, throwing off reporters and haters who had no idea how tricky Totmom really is. There were no protesters, no mobs, nobody. Where she’s staying and who her probation officer is, remains a secret for now. She is literally insane if she thinks that people won’t find her or track her down. Where the hell is Anonymous or Lulzsec when you need them? They could find her in a second. How long do you think until people track her down? How crafty is she?

Hot Sauce Mom Found Guilty Of Being A Horrible Mom

The ‘Hot Sauce’ mom from the Dr. Phil show, who punished her son by giving him ice cold showers and shoving hot sauce down his throat (and then used the physical abuse and humiliation of her son to seek fame on Dr. Phil’s talk show) was found guilty of misdemeanor child abuse yesterday. She is facing up to year in jail and fine of up to $10,000 while her son faces a lifetime of therapy and messed up relationships with women. I think a more fitting punishment would be to make her douche with hot sauce. Fill her Va-jay-jay full of hot sauce and we’ll call it a day. READ NEXT: Graffiti Is A Fun Crime

WTF Crazy Street And Road Sign FAILS

Your tax dollars hard at work!                   At least that last one makes sense. READ NEXT: Graffiti Is A Fun Crime    

Casey Anthony Is Going To Heaven! Confesses Sin & Accepts Jesus As Her Savior

Casey Anthony’s attorneys are trying to fight her probation, but the Florida state attorney general’s office filed its response on Monday arguing that it is not legally possible to serve probation while incarcerated. Who cares? A year of probation for some kind of check fraud? It’s complete bullsh*t. The only thing I like about her probation, is that she doesn’t want to do it: Too bad baby killer! So, now Casey Anthony is back in Florida to server her probation and seeking spiritual guidance according to professional scumbag Jose Baez. From what I’m reading, some friends of Jose Baez consider themselves spiritual, so Casey is talking to them and he calls that “seeking spiritual guidance”. Trust me, anybody who is friends with Jose Baez has no connections with any sort of God or gods other than notoriety and money. So people are asking… With Casey seeking spiritual guidance… What happens if Casey confesses her sin, atones for her crime and accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior? Will she go to heaven? According to the teachings of Christianity she would, but then Casey would have to feel things like sorrow and regret, and do things like tell the truth, which she is incapable of, so I wouldn’t worry too much about seeing Casey Anthony in heaven anytime soon, or anytime at all for that matter. What do you think? If Casey confesses her sin and believes that Jesus is God will she go to heaven even though she [...]

London Riots: The Biggest Flash Rob In History

I’ve seen a lot of articles and whatever about the London Riots and I know that it started with good intentions… but all I can think when I look at these images is that the London Riots were basically the largest flash rob in history.   What do you think about the London Riots? Is this the way to express your displeasure with your government or was this just complete and total bullshit? READ NEXT: Walmart Whacker Arrested! Claims To Be Aroused By The People Of Walmart

Walmart Whacker Arrested… Claims To Be Aroused By The People Of Walmart.
Walmart Whacker

So a man was just arrested recently for driving around a Walmart parking lot with his penis exposed.

Will Gary Giordano Get Away With Killing Robyn Gardner?

Will Gary Giordano Get Away With Killing Robyn Gardner? Wait, where’d it happen? That’s right, it happened in Aruba. Aruba is the Mayberry of Aruba. How do the cops there like knowing that they are an international joke? Oh that’s right, they don’t care. Are they lazy or or do they just get paid off by so many gangsters that they just don’t give a shit about anybody who isn’t paying them off? I mean, if Robyn Gardner’s family made a huge donation to the Aruba Police, would they get off their asses and do something about this woman’s murder? This is a classic. Anybody whose ever watch a single episode of a true crime show could have solved this murder. Gardner and Giordano, “two platonic friends” according to Gardner’s actual boyfriend Richard Forester, go on an Aruban vacation. Giordano takes out one of those high paying travel insurance policies, your basic accidental death and dismemberment, on his dear friend before the trip. Giordano comes back. Gardner does not. She went missing on Aug. 2 when Giordano says they went snorkeling together. He has no witnesses, nobody saw her anywhere near the beach. Police discovered some incredibly graphic photographs on Giordano’s digital camera. The pics are “beyond pornographic” according to an inside source. They show Gardner and her “platonic friend” in sexual positions. Giordano and Gardner met on the internet. According to one friend, Gardner and Giordano HAD been platonic friends. He had even invited her on a trip before, [...]

Casey Anthony Is America’s Most Hated Person

Hate Casey Anthony? Join the crowd. According to a poll conducted by E-Poll Market Research Casey Anthony is the most hated person in America. Shocker! Casey beat out reality TV stars like Spencer Pratt, Charlie Sheen, Snookie and the Octomom. Even O.J. Simpson came in 4th place. Sorry bro. Maybe next year. What do you think about this whole parole thing? Do you think Casey is actually going to be going back to Florida?   Read Next: Nancy Grace Gets Mocked Online BY US!

The Internet just LOVES making fun of Ms. Nancy Grace! [PHOTOS & GIFS]

She’s the first to make fun of herself, so…actually no she’s not. She’s completely and totally humorless.That’s why it’s so damn funny when people make fun of her! Here’s some of the best the internet has to offer!

Bank Robbing Stripper Shot In Her Sexy Pole Dancin’ Leg! [VIDEO & SEXY PICS]

The only poles Lee Grace Dougherty is gonna be dancing around are the ones you see in jail. She and her two brothers were finally arrested after a nation wide crime spree and shoot out that ended in a blaze of bullets in Colorado. After a high speed pursuit that ended in a crash, Lee pulled either a hand gun or a machine gun (depending on which article you’re reading) and cops shot her in one of her sexy pole dancin’ leg. I guess she’s gonna have to collect disability for a little while. According to the Daily Mail, “The trio had been on the run, hunted by police and the FBI, after storming a Valdosta, Georgia, bank on August 2 with guns blazing, shooting up the ceiling before making off with an unknown amount of cash.” Party foul! But before she was the FBI’s most wanted bad girl, Lee was just another slutty gal postin’ sexy pics on the internet! Here’s a few of her best!   READ NEXT: Casey Anthony’s $5 Million Interveiw!

WTF Facebook Fails: The Crime Edition

If you think that prison, murder and crime would be off-limits when it came to Facebook…you’d be wrong. Looking at these fool’s Crimes of Facebook, makes me long for the days when people used to actually feel shame!

World Famous Hacker Group Anonymous Promises Facebook Armageddon

The world famous hacker group Anonymous has released a video promising to kill and destroy Facebook on November 5th 2011. There are so many factions and members and groups of Anonymous that nobody knows who really issued this virtual threat. Is it a hoax? Maybe, maybe not. Some articles claim that higher ups in Anonymous don’t know anything about this plan to kill Facebook and they tweeted this response to #OpFacebook on their official Twitter account. Some say it’s not possible but I say that you never know until you try, and telling hackers that something isn’t possible only gets them more excited to prove you wrong. The more you put them down, insult them and tell them they can’t do it, the more likely this is to actually happen. In the mean time I look forward to all the Facebook Armageddon posts and pictures that will come from this. To be safe I’ve backed up my Facebook information and I suggest you all do the same. Never hurts to save your pics and videos somewhere safe. 1) Go to your Facebook account 2) Click on Account in the top right hand corner and select Account Settings 3) At the bottom of Account Settings you will see this option: Do it! 4) Facebook will then send a download link to your email 5) Check your email link and click it (will need to wait for several hours before they send to you) 6) Key in your password and download the [...]

Woman Yells At Out Of Control London Rioters – She’s Awesome! [VIDEO]
West Indian Woman Preaches To Youths During Riots In Hackney, London _ Life _ Stylist Magazine

This West Indian woman was filmed giving the rioters a piece of her mind. Everyone in the world who is watching can see that this is a bunch of criminals taking advantage of a situation and has nothing to do with protesting. It started with the shooting death by police of a local man and has turned into complete chaos. This woman sums it up nicely, “I’m ashamed to be a Hackney person. Because we’re not all gathering and fighting for a cause, we’re running down Footlocker and theiving shoes.” Amen. READ NEXT: Casey Anthony’s $5 Million Interview Deal With Jake Schalmo!

All The Good Ones Are Taken: Father Of 13 Faked His Own Death After Raping And Impregnating 11 Year Old

You might remember Edition Thompson, he’s the 35 year old father of 13 children who plead guilty to repeatedly raping his girlfriends 11-year-old daughter, finally impregnating her. Hello baby #14! When the word got out and the popo were looking for him, he faked his own death and fled to California. His family held a fake funeral for him. When the popo finally caught up with him, he faked a heart attack and a suicide attempt. Sorry ladies, looks like all the good ones are taken, gay, or want to rape your 11-year-old daughter. READ NEXT: Casey Anthony’s $5 Million Interview Deal With Jake Schalmo!

Jake Schalmo of Schalmo Productions $5 Million Dollar Interview With Casey Anthony!

Hey True Crime Junkies and others… remember back when Casey Anthony got out of jail even though we all know that she murdered her daughter? Remember when that guy Jake Schalmo, of Schalmo Productions bragged about making her this $5 million interview offer for an interview? People were outraged and everyone looked him up on Facebook and saw this: Wow! Look at him! He clearly books on I mean how else would a guy like this be able to afford a room at a two star hotel like this? This guy is nothin’ but class. So all these weeks later he’s still tweeting messages to his celebrity “friends.” I mean he’s already got 188 followers on Twitter! Why, that’s almost 188 more followers than my Grandma who doesn’t even have a Twitter account! In the past few weeks Jake has been working on coming up with that $5 Million for Casey. Oh that’s right, Casey flew to Ohio for some TMZ photo money making opportunity and he’s had a meeting on the 4th in Columbus, Ohio. He’s clearly making arrangements for something very special. So Jake is working hard from his big, fast paced, modern, production office… in Columbus, Ohio. I think that Jake thinks his Facebook photos are private or something, but they’re not. They appear in the feeds of anyone who has ever requested his friendship… like I did back when he made his $5 Million dollar offer to Casey. He’s clearly too busy wheeling and dealing [...]