Yale Lab Tech Murderer Gets 44 Years

24-year-old Yale lab tech Annie Le was missing for five days before dogs picked up on the scent of her decomposing body found hidden behind a wall where some construction was being done in the Yale lab building.

Raymond Clark III was arrested for the crime, he made an Alford plea to the murder and attempted sexual assault of Annie Le.

Creepy pics of Clark dressed as a devil for Halloween sure the hell creeped everyone out.

Le was killed days before her planned wedding. She never got to walk up the aisle.

An Alford plea is not a “guilty” plea but basically says, “I’m not gonna say I did it, but the state has enough evidence to convict me so rather than waste tax payer money and maybe get sentenced to death, you can just lock me up for the crime and I’ll accept the punishment.”

And for that, he got 44 years.