Worst Casey Anthony Trial Merchandise On The Web

Everyone is trying to cash in on the Casey Anthony trial. This Zanny the Nanny doll went on sale on Amazon.com briefly before being pulled. The rest of this stuff is still available if you look!



One entrepreneur even sold a Caylee doll early on. The same person sold bracelets and T-Shirts to profit off of Caylee’s little corpse



Available on Amazon.com


Drawing available on Etsy



Charm bracelet available on Etsy



Pocket prayer card available on Etsy


Sticker decal available on Etsy


Personal sticker available on Etsy



Got Kids sticker available on Etsy


One artist is selling Outsider Art paintings of the key players in the trial. You can buy these on Etsy





And then of course there’s Ebay.


And this one just makes me hungry.

What’s the craziest TotMom/Casey Anthony trial merchandise you’ve seen on the web? Send us a link!

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