World Famous Hacker Group Anonymous Promises Facebook Armageddon

The world famous hacker group Anonymous has released a video promising to kill and destroy Facebook on November 5th 2011.

There are so many factions and members and groups of Anonymous that nobody knows who really issued this virtual threat. Is it a hoax? Maybe, maybe not. Some articles claim that higher ups in Anonymous don’t know anything about this plan to kill Facebook and they tweeted this response to #OpFacebook on their official Twitter account.

Some say it’s not possible but I say that you never know until you try, and telling hackers that something isn’t possible only gets them more excited to prove you wrong. The more you put them down, insult them and tell them they can’t do it, the more likely this is to actually happen.

In the mean time I look forward to all the Facebook Armageddon posts and pictures that will come from this.

To be safe I’ve backed up my Facebook information and I suggest you all do the same. Never hurts to save your pics and videos somewhere safe.

1) Go to your Facebook account

2) Click on Account in the top right hand corner and select Account Settings

3) At the bottom of Account Settings you will see this option:

Do it!

4) Facebook will then send a download link to your email

5) Check your email link and click it (will need to wait for several hours before they send to you)

6) Key in your password and download the zip file!

Everyone should do this from time to time anyway. You never know what could happen. I’ve had several friends lose their Facebook accounts with absolutely no explanation from Facebook. Better to be safe.

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