Woman Arrested For Pushing Trash Can Filled With The Rotting Body Parts Of Her Dead Ex Around City Streets For Hours Looking For Help- “How Can I Get Ridda This Guy?”

Carmen Montenegro had spent hours pushing a trash can around her Ontario neighborhood on Sunday, asking people to help her get rid of the stinky human body parts rotting inside the can, when she was reported by several people to police.

Montenegro claimed that she had no idea who the decomposing male in the can was, but she needed to get rid of him because he was really stinkin’ up the joint. Police booked her for murder anyway… better safe than sorry, am I right officers?

After some investigation police think that the body may belong to the woman’s ex-boyfriend. Montenegro’s ex hasn’t been seen since May 1st, and has been reported missing by his family. The missing man’s sister says that he met Carmen online about a year ago and the couple sometimes lived together. He is described as a, “veteran, a loner, but a great and generous guy.”

Montenegro refuses to cooperate with cops.

Though the cops really may not be needing her cooperation… seems they found a few freshly dug holes in her backyard. I’m sure that all of this confusion will be cleared up with a little good ol’ fashioned scientific forensic testing.

The evidence seems tells us that she killed the man in her home and buried him in the yard… but when he started to stink she dug him up, threw him in the trash can and set out to find a little help disposing of the body. I mean a girl can’t be expected to do EVERYTHING herself. Too bad she killed the only guy that she knew that was strong enough to help her get rid of the body parts.

Could this guy be her first and only victim? Could there be more? I can’t help but wonder.