Will Gary Giordano Get Away With Killing Robyn Gardner?

Will Gary Giordano Get Away With Killing Robyn Gardner? Wait, where’d it happen? That’s right, it happened in Aruba. Aruba is the Mayberry of Aruba. How do the cops there like knowing that they are an international joke? Oh that’s right, they don’t care. Are they lazy or or do they just get paid off by so many gangsters that they just don’t give a shit about anybody who isn’t paying them off? I mean, if Robyn Gardner’s family made a huge donation to the Aruba Police, would they get off their asses and do something about this woman’s murder?

This is a classic. Anybody whose ever watch a single episode of a true crime show could have solved this murder. Gardner and Giordano, “two platonic friends” according to Gardner’s actual boyfriend Richard Forester, go on an Aruban vacation. Giordano takes out one of those high paying travel insurance policies, your basic accidental death and dismemberment, on his dear friend before the trip. Giordano comes back. Gardner does not. She went missing on Aug. 2 when Giordano says they went snorkeling together. He has no witnesses, nobody saw her anywhere near the beach.

Police discovered some incredibly graphic photographs on Giordano’s digital camera. The pics are “beyond pornographic” according to an inside source. They show Gardner and her “platonic friend” in sexual positions.

Giordano and Gardner met on the internet. According to one friend, Gardner and Giordano HAD been platonic friends. He had even invited her on a trip before, but she turned him down that time. She lost her job recently and he invited her on another trip. This time she accepted.

I mean this guy basically went online to pick som woman that he could murder for the insurance policy. That’s how this is sounding to me.

Giordano was arrested on 8/5 when he tried to sneak out of the country after telling authorities he’d stay and help solve the missing person case. No¬† charges have been filed, but he has been on ice in an Aruban jail cell since then.

You know the economy is in the shitter when your average girl willing to have sex with a gross guy she meets online for a free trip to Aruba, gets killed for the insurance money.

Here’s a hot tip ladies: Be suspicious of men you meet on the internet who want to take you to Aruba. Just a though.

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NOTE: This article is just my opinion. Giordano has not been found guilty in a court of law… YET!

Thank you Desi. Your “Because no romantic get away is complete without bloody hand prints and used condoms” is truly inspired.