Wife Murderer Bruce Beresford-Redman Better Lube Up Because He’s Screwed [VIDEO]

Blood is more important that the life of an innocent mother when it comes to the Beresford-Redman family.

They are preparing to battle Mexican authorities who have accused him of killing his wife. Duh! All you need is eyes and brain to figure out that this guy is murdering scum who deserves to meet the same fate as his poor wife.

Back in April 2010, Monica Beresford-Redman, 41 at the time, disappeared from the Moon Palace resort in Cancun where she had been staying with her husband. Her naked body was found 3 days later with scratches on the neck, the entire body was basically covered in bruises and scratches and showed signs of asphyxiation and evidence of a heavy blow to the right temple. Investigators believe she was suffocated the night of April 5 before being dumped in the sewer about 80 yards from her hotel room. Her husband Bruce, had scratches on his face and arms and several guests heard an argument in the couple’s room; there were screams and loud bangs reported by fellow hotel guests. Bruce claims that they had been arguing about their children but that he had nothing to do with her killing. Yeah, right.

Bruce’s parents declared him innocent immediately. They didn’t need to see the evidence or hear the facts, and they certainly didn’t care about their murdered daughter-in-law or her family. These people are sick in the head. This is the kind of parenting that turns children into selfish, self-centered murders. Good-job guys! Hope your proud of your murdering monster of a son! Keep sticking by him and you can join him in hell when you die.

Documents reveal the couple had marital problems and that Bruce had a phone sex addiction and phone sex bills totaling about $5,000.00 at the time. Other documents revealed that Bruce was also having an affair with his $57,000-a-year assistant, Joy Pierce. Girl power! Right, Joy?

The couple’s nanny heard the couple fighting the night before they left for Mexico, and says that she overheard Bruce saying that they needed to buy a life insurance policy. The couple did get life insurance policies, which is common when traveling out of the country, but Bruce was not the beneficiary for Monica’s policy. The kids were the only ones to benefit from Monica’s policy.

Then like the guilty wife-murdering scum that Bruce is, he fled Mexico and escaped to the US even though Mexican authorities had told him not to leave the country pending the murder investigation. If my wife were murdered in Mexico you couldn’t get me to leave the country until the murderer was found and punished. Unless I were guilty, then I would get the hell outta there just like Bruce the murderer did.

Since then Bruce has been fighting extradition. As of a few days ago a U.S. Magistrate named Judge Jacqueline Chooljian wrote, “it can reasonably be inferred that Beresford-Redman incapacitated or killed the victim.” And with that the extradition papers were signed. Buh-bye Bruce!

Bruce plans on fighting the extradition and swears to take it to the Supreme Court. Good-luck with that Brucey!

Mexican authorities are confident that they have enough evidence to make a case against Bruce on charges of aggravated homicide in the slaying of his wife. If convicted Bruce would spend up to 30 years in a Mexican prison which just isn’t anywhere near enough time in my opinion.

Hey Bruce when you pack your bags to go to Mexico don’t forget to pack lube because you are screwed. Enjoy being raped in a Mexican prison for the next 30 years buddy, you deserve it!


Indignant murderers and their self-centered families piss me off. On a more positive note, good to see you Desi.