What If Casey Anthony Walks?

So the prosecution has rested in the case of the State Of Florida Vs. Casey Anthony and many are wondering… “What if this woman walks free?”

Internet blogs and chat-rooms are full of completely insane people talking about the Casey Anthony trial. These people think that they can figure Casey out by watching her on TV.

Casey is a pathological liar and a sociopath.

Pathological liars lie. Their lies often seem like they have no purpose. The lies are fantastic and often “self-incriminating” with no apparent benefit to the liar. They’re just lying to lie. That’s Casey. She’s good at lying. People believe her lies. People don’t really even seem to question her lies.
There is no psychological test to tell if someone is a pathological liar, or much research on the disorder… which confounds efforts to define and understand it and define it. Basically, we don’t know a lot about this disorder. It’s a strange one. In 40% of the cases that have been studied there is some history of epilepsy, abnormal electroencephalographic finding, head trauma or some kind of infection. I don’t know what that even means? What about the other 60%? That doesn’t even seem to tell us anything at all.
Some people are convinced that the Casey Anthony jury has no choice but to find her guilty. I mean look at all that evidence. Circumstantial, but there sure is a ton of it… it’s obvious to everyone watching at home that she did it… except for a few crazy people. But what if one of those crazy people is on that jury?  That’s what we all thought about OJ Simpson. Our minds were literally blown when that murderer walked free. It was so depressing to see some rich a-hole celebrity get away with murder. The jury opinions of the man/celebrity himself, made it impossible for them to even consider that he had actually done this horrible thing. For some of them, I feel like they gave him a free pass. Like they had to know he did it, but like Casey’s parents, they didn’t want to see what the evidence was telling them.
There are no real punishments for lying in the courts. The defense isn’t sworn in so they can pretty much say anything they want and make up any story to explain away the evidence against their clients. Why don’t the defense and defendant have to swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so we can prosecute them for their lies after they are found guilty?
The idea of her walking makes me physically ill. I wonder what will happen? Will some crazy fan hunt her down and get revenge for Caylee’s death? Will she be partying on the cover of tabloids for years to come? Will she go to jail? Will they actually give her the death penalty? Will I one day be watching people protesting outside her prison on the news as they execute Casey Anthony? I think she’s guilty. I don’t know what the right punishment is for someone who does something like this. She has no remorse and seems to thrive in any environment… even the prison environment. I think she needs to literally stay in prison till the say she dies. You can’t rehabilitate someone and teach them to feel human emotions. Her lack of guilt and remorse make her a very dangerous person to our society. She killed the person that she should have loved the most. The smallest and least able to defend themselves. We can’t even understand the motives behind her actions and we don’t even know what her actions were… how can we figure out the right punishment for someone we don’t understand who committed a crime we can’t comprehend?

I’m gonna be extremely depressed if this woman walks free at the end of this trial. I’m sure a lot of people will be.

She will probably get rich, but I believe she will also be spending plenty of money for protection from the many lynch-mobs waiting for her to be out alone..