Watch The Casey Anthony Trial Closing Arguments LIVE [VIDEO]

For those of you looking to get caught up on the closing arguments today I’ve embedded some YouTube videos and a live link to watch the trial from your computer. Here we go guys.

Part 2 (I don’t see a Part 1 on YouTube at this time)


Part 3


You can also watch them live on TruTV after they finish their lunch break.

You can also watch it live on the internet by clicking HERE


this shit is insain i been to trial no way she was found NOT GUILTY WTF
she took a life the evidence is in front of their faces come on what kind of system do we have. I bet she is a great actress i bet she looked right in the daughters eyes every second of this grusome crime she did to her daughter.

I’ve managed to avoid most of this trial; several um related reasons why, but it was nice to catch up on the closing arguments. Thank you for organizing this.