Was Casey Anthony Molested By George & Lee?

Nobody knows for fact, but I don’t think George or Lee ever molested Casey Anthony, here’s why.

I’ve watched hours of Casey Anthony testimony and trial… before the trial started, I watched jailhouse videos  of her arguing with her parents and crying for herself. I remember back when she was still free… clips of her on the Nancy Grace show… everyone was trying to help this young mother find her missing child. I watched Casey step out of the police station after being questioned… she dodged a bevy of reporters and climbed into a waiting SUV and I thought… she did it. This woman killed her baby. What started as a hunch is now my fervent belief.

Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee Anthony. I don’t know how, I have ideas and theories, but ultimately I don’t know the “how” of the situation. I don’t care at this point. We’re not gonna figure it out, so let’s convict her and get her locked away for the rest of her life so we can all just get on with our lives. There is NO reasonable doubt.

So now Casey is claiming that her father and brother both molested her. It makes sense… the missing girl’s name… Caylee, is a cross of Casey and her brother Lee’s names… is it a clue? Those Anthony’s do act weird… something is a little off about them… They’re all attractive people, maybe the dad or the brother are sleeping with Casey… that would explain their bizarre behavior. You people and your theories are are awesome, but you’re wrong! The incest baby theory was thrown out pretty early on when DNA tests proved, (to the chagrin of sensationalists) that neither Lee nor George are Caylee’s biological father. So there goes that theory.

There is no proof that she was molested by either of them. She’s told a lot of lies over the years but never THIS lie… Why didn’t the girl who told anyone anything to get them to give her what she wanted… Why didn’t she use this alleged truth to manipulate the people around her into giving her things she wanted.

A girl who will say anything to manipulate the people around her, NEVER told anyone that her father molested her? Never told one guy that she was dating that he had raped her every morning before school? That’s what she’s claiming happened now. She claims she had to suck her dad, George Anthony’s co*k on a regular basis and that she NEVER once (though she would say ANYTHING to manipulate the people around her) used this story… If it were true, from what I know of this woman, she would have used this fact to manipulate people around her into feeling sorry for her, and giving her things like money, drugs, a place to stay, and into watching Caylee so that she could go out and party.

The press has pointed out the obvious… I mean there’s always the ol’ “why would you leave your daughter alone with the man who raped you every day of your life?”, arguement. George and Cindy took care of Caylee more than Casey did. Why would she leave her kid alone with George if he had raped her so many times? She seems to have NO problem standing up to him in any and all other ways… yelling at him… scolding him… rolling her eyes… Just watch her jail house conversations with her parents.

Who’s manipulating who in this video? Is that an evil man who has raped this girl so many times she can’t even remember how many… or is this a guy who is pretty much wrapped around his pretty daughter’s little finger? Do Casey and George seem like they are hiding some deep dark secret? Or does this video seem like a guy who has no idea what’s going on, other than a few hunches/suspicions that he’s hoping to won’t turn out to be true… and a sociopath who has killed her daughter and refuses to admit it to the world, let alone herself? You tell ME what’s going on in that video? What’s going on in all of these videos?

She told a friend that Lee awkwardly tried to kiss her once and grabbed at her boobs, but that his molestation attempt failed. You know why Lee’s attempts at molesting his sister didn’t work out? BECAUSE HE NEVER TRIED TO MOLEST HIS SISTER. I think she felt bad for telling this lie about Lee, so she qualified it by claiming that he “tried” to molest her, but didn’t succeed.

Nothing Casey Anthony has said has ever turned out to be true. I don’t buy it guys. It’s bullshit.

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and i agree completely that this bitch would’ve been using this a LOOOOOONG time ago for sympathy.

i hate the abuse excuse…even if it’s true you should be locked up because you obviously can’t control yourself.