Unprotected Teen Sex On The Rise In The USA

A new poll shows that unsafe teen sex is on the rise. The poll shows that teens in the United States having unprotected sex has risen almost 40% in the past 3 years. What tha???

Here are their main excuses for not using, or not wanting to use protection:

1.    None around.
2.    They run out.
3.    Too embarrassed that their parents are gonna find it.
4.    Ashamed to ask their doctors.
5.    Their partner doesn’t like using them.
6.    They don’t like using them.
7.    Both prefer not using them.
8.    And a number of teens think contraceptives are “uncool.”

If you think condoms are “uncool,” wait till you get a nasty case of herpes OR WORSE. Suddenly condoms are gonna seem a lot cooler to you.