Tot Mom On Trial: What Really Makes Casey Anthony Cry?

Last week, after seeing photos of little Caylee Anthony’s remains, her mother, Casey,  became so overwhelmed with ’emotion’ that the judge abruptly ended the trial early that day. It got a lot of people questioning the sincerity of those tears…no shit!

Now this isn’t the first time Casey has cried, what some in the media have dubbed ‘tears of deception’,  but it was definitely the most dramatic display of her crocodile tears yet. It got me thinking…what is Casey really crying about? I don’t believe it’s regret for what’s she’s done…after all nothing is really her fault, right? Here are ten theories on what is making this narcissistic, party-girl monster cry in the courthouse.  Not that I care… I reserve my sympathy for the real victim in this case, Caylee Marie.

Dorothy Clay Sims told her she couldn't wear her '100% certified MILF' tank top to court and Casey was bummed cause she wanted to show off her 'Bella Vita' tattoo.
She just found out James Durbin got kicked off American Idol.
Her mom seems more upset about Caylee than she does about her own daughter!
She found out all her friends are going to Busch Gardens and she's stuck in boring court all day!
She misses Zanny, who was not just her fake nanny but also her fake best friend.
She winked at her dad, George, and he just looked away. She hates when he's mad at her, especially when she didn't do nothing!
She dipped her Kleenex in onion juice.
She just realized that Nancy Grace was calling her Tot Mom and not Hot Mom.
Jose said she just looked pretty when he saw her, but he used to say she looked beautiful.


She's finally realizing that everyone knows she's a lying little bitch who killed her daughter and she's about to get what's coming to her!


Why do you think Casey Anthony is crying in court?

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So funny, James Durbin. All I can think is, “What if she goes free?” I might have to write an article about what if she goes free. I love the gallery of tears.