Top 10 Things Casey Anthony Is Gonna Do When She Gets Out Of Jail

So the final word is that Casey Anthony will get out of jail on Wednesday July 13th. I guess somebody has a new lucky number and that number is 13! How fitting. True Crime Junkies has the low down on Casey’s big plans for when she gets out of jail. Here’s what she’s got going on in the coming weeks, months and years.

10. Party

Casey has 3 years of serious partying to make up for.

9. Consumate Her Affair With Jose Baez

These two have been hot and heavy for 3 years now but unable to consumate their love. They bicker in court, sit next to each other, then sit apart, they smile and flirt one minute and then are furious with each other the next minute. The only thing missing is the marriage license. Get to it Casey!

8. Write A Book

Every murderer or attempted murderer who gets off (for whatever reason) will tell you that one of the first things Casey’s gonna need to do is make a little cashola, and since she wasn’t convicted of anything, there’s nothing to prevent her from making money from the events of her life and the death of her daughter Caylee. Hey Casey, if you’re looking for a ghost, writer we’d love to talk to your people!

7. Make A Porn

After the verdict dropped the good folks at Vivid Video offered Casey a job in one of its upcoming films. After Vivid’s porn loving fans got wind of the offer, they came down on Vivid hard and let them know that they would not in fact like to see a porn starting TotMom. Vivid has since rescinded its offer, but I’m sure another offer will come along soon enough.

6. Sell Her Story

I mean, she might not be a good writer so if the book deal falls through she can just sell her story for butt loads of cash and let someone else write it up!

5. Change Her Name

TotMom has also told people that she might change her name. She’s such a fan of combining two names – Caylee was a combo of her name “Casey” and her brother “Lee” so why not change your name to “Georglee” or “Ciney.”

4. Dysfunctional Family Therapy

Casey is going to need to mend some bridges here. She basically told the world that she had to suck her dad’s penis every day before school, and that he and Lee molested her. She blamed Caylee’s death on her father and told about a million lies. Before she can move back home to her old bedroom with the folks, she’s going to have to spend some serious couch time with the fams. Bring the tissue! (Not for Casey of course, but for everyone else.)

3. Going To Disneyland

ABC sent the family of juror #3 to Disneyland following the trial and then posted pictures of her on their website. Cousins, aunts, uncles… everyone. Surely ABC will be able to come up with one more ticket!

2. Pay A Visit To Nancy Grace & The Twins

The hunter has become the hunted! Look out TotMom it was all a trap! Nancy doesn’t really want you to be her new nanny! Run TotMom, RUN!

1. Make A New Baby

Casey is gonna need someone to take care of her and the best way to get a guy to take care of you is to have is baby. She’s already told people that she wants another child and has been picking out baby names. If you’re tying to pick a baby name Casey… may I suggest that the name CAYLEE is available at this time?

What else will Casey be doing when she gets out of jail? Tell us in the comments below!