Texas Mass Grave Hoax

Yesterday news was spreading like wildfire on the internet about a mass grave discovered in Texas containing the severed body parts of 25 – 30 people including the bodies of many children. What made this discovery so bizarre is that cops were tipped off to the mass grave by a psychic.

An army of cops, police helicopters & FBI agents ascended on the rural farm to find blood and the smell of rotting flesh.

But it turned out to be a hoax. The blood was from a drunken suicide attempt and the smell of decomposition emanated from a broken refrigerator full of rotting meat.

Police were simply following up on what seemed to be a credible lead that happened to come from someone claiming to be psychic. Her psychic “abilities” were not the reason for the investigation. Cops can’t ignore leads because they come from people claiming to be psychic. Some people try to pretend they are psychic when they are actually witnesses or suspects with some kind of inside knowledge of the crime so it makes sense that they would follow up on the lead.

The truth is that police do not use psychics, despite what “psychics” will tell you. Even Allison DuBois, the woman who inspired the NBC drama “Medium” made all sorts of claims that she “consulted on a variety of murders or missing persons cases while working with various law enforcement agencies INCLUDING Glendale Arizona PD and the Texas Rangers…” who both deny having ever worked with DuBois.

Too bad DuBois wasn’t psychic or she’d have known that reporters would follow up on her claims.


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