TCJ Salutes To Catch A Predator’s Chris Hansen!

So yeah, we’ve all heard  the news that poor Chris Hansen got busted cheating on his wife …right? Making things all that much more worse is the fact that he was busted via a hidden camera sting. Pretty ironic, wouldn’t you say?

That being said…To Catch a Predator was still one of the most entertaining shows EVER! I mean it amused and caught dirty, rotten pervs to boot! And part of the hilarity was for sure the deep voice and serious presence of the unflappable Mr. Hansen. So we at TCJ would like to pay tribute to our favorite perv catching weirdo!

Here’s a look at ten  of the perviest moments from To Catch A Predator!

I always love when the perps try and run on this show..don't you?
I wouldn't want those teeth anywhere near my girlie bits!
I love clever wordplay, but only when it's actually clever and not illegal.
I'd need a full body bag covering him before I touched that creep!
I'll be your toilet is something he obviously jacked from a hallmark card
nothing get me going like a little Peter Griffin action!
wait this doesn't sound too bad...
OH nevermind!
Were meatrocket 1-7 taken??
I like that the decoy is trying to get some candy action going! One of the job perks!
oldest trick in the I right?


And this classic video…we hear the words of the pervs in Chris’ husky baritone! SWOON!

so what do you think of the whole hullabaloo? Do you miss To Catch A Predator as much as I do? Let’s discuss all things Chris in the comments!

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