TCJ Daily Links Lineup For Thursday 6/23/11

Crazy crime links for your reading pleasure!

Mine Would Definitely Involve Salted Caramel  Ice Cream

Famous Death Row Last Meals


Dumb Criminals

Woman Pleads Guilty To Hiding Stolen Fur In Underwear

FBI try to capture criminal using his girlfriend’s vanity

Funny stuff by cop-plate ‘thief’



Couple jailed for public sex on the beach

Bride accused of domestic violence hours into marriage

Drunk Boynton Beach boat captain tugged stranded boaters around in circles for hours


What?? A Politician Being Dumb And Sleazy?

John McGee, Idaho State Senator, Drunkenly Tries to Steal a Truck


More Like Garret NO Mannerz

Garrett Mannerz, New York Cop, Accused of Groping Woman Then Asking Her on a Date


Criminal Cat!

Swiss Cat Thief, Speedy, Is An Underwear-Nabbing Kleptomaniac