TCJ Daily Links Lineup For Saturday 6/25/11

Your daily dose of crazy crime links!

Another Reason To Hate Using A Port-A-Potty…As If You Needed One!

Porta-Potty Peeping Tom Busted In Boulder

Walmart Hero!

3 men arrested after woman tries to thwart alleged heist at Walmart

Crazy Granny

Woman Accused Of Assaulting Neighbor Over Shared Road


Canadian Man Who Beat Prostitute with Baseball Bat Was Sleepwalking, Judge Rules

Cathleen London Slaps Marcella Caprario Over Trader Joe’s Frozen Tofu Dinner

Pervert Alert!

Naked man arrested for indecent exposure crimes in Scottsdale

Repeat sex offender held on bail after alleged pantless stroll


Sarasota woman removes top, fights with troopers, state police say – MUGSHOT

Dress wearing man ID’d in $125 theft shows his purse with ‘only a few’ bucks in it; deputies drag accuser to pokey


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