TCJ Daily Links Lineup For Friday 6/10/11

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Casey Anthony Flips Off The World

Casey Anthony Flips Off The Court, The Judge, The Jury & The World On Live TV


Blow Up Dolls News

Doll blows up in HOV driver’s face

Teen Arrested After Blow Up Doll Prank


Not Cool Dude!

Thief Cuts Down Tree To Steal Bike


Thank God!

Missing Arizona Mom Found Safe



Man Caught Putting Camera In Starbucks Bathroom

Couple Gets Naked And Runs Around The Yard… Problem is… It’s NOT THEIR YARD!

Man Gets Drunk And Calls 911 For No Reason… YEP, SOUNDS LIKE FLORIDA!


Teacher, Teacher I Declare

Teacher Uses Facebook To Get Revealing Photos Of Students


You Can’t Trust Anybody These Days

Man Tricks Nurse Into Changing His Soiled Diaper By Faking Brain Damage