TCJ Daily Links Lineup For FATHER’S DAY Sunday 6/19/11

Foxy Knoxy is innocent? Anyone who follows the case could have told you that. Plus more links to today’s breaking criminal news! CHECK IT OUT!

Foxy Knoxy

Inmate Says He Can Clear Foxy’s Name – She Had Nothing To Do With The Crime – DUH Italy!


Sweat Lodge Trial

Witnesses Testify That James Ray Claimed To Be God While People Died



Man Arrested For Throwing Shoes At His Wife When She Refuses To Sleep With Him

Canadian Murderer Found In Florida


Happy Birthday!

Man Celebrates His 21st Birthday But Getting Wasted, Having Sex and Speeding ALL AT THE SAME TIME


Stop Clowning Around

Off Duty Cop Dressed As Clown Shoots & Kills Teen Suspect


The Last Supper

Famous Death Row Last Meals