Spreckels Mansion Murder Mystery

Being born and raised in San Diego I’m a little obsessed with his Spreckels Mansion murder mystery case.

See this lady? This is Rebecca Zahau… she was the girlfriend of John Shacknai, a 54-year-old chief executive of an Arizona-based US pharmaceutical company selling acne and facial wrinkle treatments for the past two years.

Rebecca was babysitting her boyfriend John’s 6-year-old son Max when Max fell down the stairs of their humongous mansion and died while on Rebecca’s watch. I’m assuming that John was none too please with this, because a few days later on July 13, 32-year-old Rebecca was found hanging naked from the balcony of his 108-year-old Coronado mansion with her arms and legs bound. Suicide? I don’t think so.

We’ve got mansions, a sexy younger girlfriend found dead, a rich older man, a dead child and John’s not talking. Not a peep. The San Diego police are just hoping that the evidence will tell them what happened because Shacknai sure the hell isn’t telling them what happened.

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Case reminds me of the Jon Benet Ramsey case.
Definitely an inside job, but no arrest ever made.

Fast forward to 2011.

Woman’s hands are bound. Ankles are bound. Found hanging on a balcony.
Cops cannot decide suicide or murder.

If a ten year old girl were found in your basement with a garrote around her neck do you think you would be arrested?

If a woman’s hands were bound, ankles were bound, and found hanging off your balcony would the police be wondering “murder or suicide”?

Ramseys are billionaires.

Shacknai is big pharma, worth $700M.

When angry this man had a history of using his german shepard to attack his wife (love interest at the time). He isn’t a nice person.
This was done by a sadistic male attempting to humiliate. It’s an effort to deal with perceived impotence in relation to his son’s death. CEO who can’t handle not being “in control” of a situation. To regain control (deal with his powerlessness) he has to humiliate another.

I think it really is a crazy way of killing her. I mean, there’s got to be evidence with such a brutal death… You would think if it’s Shacknai he would have the $ and resources just to have her “disappeared” — much less chance of getting caught. I really hope they solve this one…

Has anyone considered that its prob the brother. He was jealous of his successful brother and probably tried to come on to his brother’s girlfriend. He knew she would be alone and she refused and he got totally angry. Don’t know all the facts.

Well, being shallow and superficial (if that’s what you’re saying she was) still does not justify someone killing you. Just because she didn’t meet your definition of what a “good Burmese” or a “good Christian” should be, doesn’t mean she deserves to die. Whoever did this needs to pay the price for their crimes.

Rebecca need to maintain her own burmese culture.She don’t. She want to be rich with short way. she need to pay the life.Call mansion but jungle out there. Sex and money involve.She didn’t watch criminal news, too busy babysitting day time and forget about burmese culture. she is christian too much partying and she need to pay the prize.

I can’t believe the police are even considering suicide considering her arms and legs were bound. Do you think it was boyfriend or the ex-wife?

Yep, she was from the Chin ethnic group. A northwestern state and quite undeveloped. Maybe the prospect of being a kept mistress of a white millionaire appealed to her. Too bad she met a violent end. Naive lass! Didn’t she know that out there it’s a jungle, even in a mansion. Guess she didn’t watch CSI or the police blotter section of the news. Maybe too busy baby sitting the kid? Or too busy enjoying life of the rich and powerful?

Absolutely! Poor, naive Chin girl thought she was in heaven when this rich, white man took a fancy to her. Maybe because of her ‘Christian’ background, thanks to foreign missionaries in Burma in bygone years, she could speak ‘English’ well and she was stylish (shall we say ‘Americanized’). Well, this sort of murder, sex, money, infidelity,.. isn’t going anywhere anytime. It’s been around for ages.

I know… was it the ex-wife, was it him? Everyone has a motive and nobody is telling the police what happened. Hiding behind their expensive lawyers. I’m dying to know what happened.

Isn’t is crazy? I’m wondering if it’s the ex-wife. She lost her only kid (and child support) and he also left her for Rebecca. Hmmm…