Spreckels Murder Called A Suicide By Police – Are You Buying It??? [VIDEO]

San Diego police are now calling Rebecca Zahau’s murder a suicide?

They say that Rebecca was so distraught over the condition of her boyfriend’s son, who fell down the stairs while she was babysitting him and later died, so she killed herself. She killed herself by tying a rope to the bed and the balcony, stripping down naked, then tying that same rope around her neck and then tied her own hands BEHIND her own back and then threw herself off the balcony.

What the F kind of bullsh*t investigating led police to this conclusion? Rebecca’s family does not believe this scenario at all. Family members spoke to Rebecca the night before her death and that say that she did not seem suicidal at all. Her suicide note was written on the wall in all caps – everyone knows that caps are harder to analyze than regular handwriting and police have NEVER even asked her family for a sample of her handwriting.


Do you believe this scenario?