Snooki Spends Time In An Italian Jail

I can’t imagine a place that the cast of Jersey Shore belongs more than an Italian jail.

I’m sure Snooki felt totally at home. She was surrounded by sexy Italian bad boys. What more could a Chilean Guidette from the Jersey Shore ask for? See America, if you act like an asshole in front of TV cameras all your dreams will come true!

Snooki was taken into custody Monday in Florence, Italy after smashing into a police car.

Despite what you’re thinking, booze was not involved.

She somehow manage to wedge her car between the police cruiser and a divider wall. Her passenger Dina had to crawl out of the window because she couldn’t open the door.

Two police officers were taken to the emergency room to be treated for whiplash, cuts and bruises. Dina was treated for cuts and bruises at the scene.

Snooki and Denna were taken “down town” to file paperwork and released.

Sadly, they were not arrested.