Should The Dodgers Be Held Responsible For The Brutal Beating Of Giants Fan Brian Stow???

Chief of Los Angeles Police, Charlie Beck is holding strong that Giovanni Ramirez, the man they recently arrested, is who they believe to be the main guy responsible for the near-fatal beating of  San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

I’m not so sure, but I hope they are right.

After releasing this drawing of what the suspect looked like to the media, police got some leads, including a call from a parole officer who felt that one of his parolees, Giovanni Ramirez, freakishly resembled the drawing. Giovanni comes complete with neck tattoos as described by witnesses. Now, lots of dudes have neck tattoos but lately Giovanni has been covering his up for some reason. A guy who has been proud of his many neck tattoos has suddenly been covering them up. Odd. You’ll even notice he has an LA Dodger tattoo visible in his mugshot. Coincidence?

Now this guy certainly looks like someone who could do this kind of thing. He’s a gang member. He’s a criminal. He’s one bad dude. Doesn’t make him guilty. I hope that police have more than just a couple witnesses.

Giovanni’s family has come to his defense SWEARING that he was at home with his daughter and nowhere near Dodger Stadium at the time of the attack. I believe them about as much as I believe in Casey Anthony’s defense of lies. Their word means nothing.

Because whoever did THIS to Santa Clara paramedic Brian Stow, needs to pay.

And the Dodgers need to pay.

The family of Brian Stow is sewing the Dodgers. Good for them. I’ve been going to Dodger’s games for YEARS and that ballpark is a dangerous place. Everyone who goes there knows it. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has attended a Dodger game who would tell you that they think the park is a safe place. None of us do. We go, but we all know that there are a bunch of gangsters and criminal elements sitting all around us, drinking watered down beer and causing shit with regular law abiding citizens and real Dodger fans.

I took a friend to an Angels/Dodgers game and he wore his Angels jersey and I my Dodgers jersey and he had things yelled at him, and food and ice thrown at him/us as we sat in our seats… and you can’t say anything to security because they’re not going to throw these jerks out of the park. So let’s say you DO go tell security. The jerks get a warning. Then they sit there, a few rows back, glaring at the back of your head and calling you names and maybe follow you to your car. It’s not worth it. Security at Dodger Stadium is a joke.

We all know that it could have been ANY ONE OF US. Sadly something like this had to happen for people to take Dodger Stadium security seriously. Now Brian’s got brain damage. He’ll never be the same. Even if he lives, the guy that his wife and kids knew as “Dad” is gone… this new guy needs to learn to eat and wipe his own ass again (if he’s lucky), and that’s the sad truth. They have basically murdered Brian Stow. The guy he’s been for his entire life is dead, and now he’s going to be a new guy. A guy with brain damage. Who knows what he’ll be capable of but it’s not looking good.

I hope the Dodgers have to pay up BIG.