The Movie Bad Teachers comes out today….but I’m pretty sure that the bad teachers in that movie ain’t got nothing on these ‘educators’!

Mary Kay Letourneau

Mary Kay is like the patron saint of teachers who commit statutory rape. She is now married to her rape victim…which I guess she probably thinks justifies what went down with her then-14 year old student? Hey we all accepted it when Laura fell in love with her rapist Luke on General Hospital, so why not? Actually I always did think that was kind of creepy.

Colette Phelps

This 28 year old San Jose teacher has been charged with committing lewd and lascivious acts with one of her 14 year old students.  She has been quoted as saying that she is ‘deeply embarrassed’ by her actions. Her Facebook page lists her hobbies as ‘shopping and fist-pumping’. No word on if the fist-pumping also brings her great shame.

Justin Coleman

This Virginia school teacher was arrested for having an extensive child porn collection, including his own homemade porn which he made by filming students in class and then digitally altering existing child porn to have the faces of his students. Yeah…a real creeper.

Gabrielle Marvelli

This Pennsylvania teacher had a prom night sex tryst with one of her students, who was one week shy of his 18th birthday. I mean I know getting laid on prom night is a time-honored tradition, but seriously? You can’t wait one fricking week?

Jesus ‘Jessie’ Gonzales

This New York teacher got caught banging his student in a car…in a wooded area. Creepsville. How did he solve his legal woes? By marrying the student, who is now 18. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really solve his problems. ..but nice try. This guy not only brings shame to the teaching profession, but also to Jesus’ good name.

Erin Baynard Stewart

This married Indiana teacher is accused of having sexual relations with her 14 year old student. Including giving him oral in the classroom. Yeah. Classy. Here she is looking very remorseful at a court hearing.

Debra LeFave

Unlike most teachers who fornicate with their pupils, Debra LeFave was kind of hot.  I blame Van Halen for this one.

The Palm Beach County School System

Recently the Palm beach School Board had a meeting considering the firing of five employees. Including a reading teacher who had sex with a student, a janitor who was doing who-knows-what, naked in a custodial closet and Principal Priscilla Maloney (see above mugshot), who was arrested for stealing a saxophone, furniture and a projector. Word has that the AV club turned her in.

Brittni Colleps

This Texas teacher was arrested for sexting several of her students. For some reason it seem wronger when the teacher is ugly. Like you can understand Debra LeFave…but Brittni has a mustache and an acne problem. And her name is spelled real stupid-like.

Pamela Smart

This is the mother of all bad teachers! She seduced her student into killing her husband!  Don’t let the church lady look fool you…

See the movie To Die For if you haven’t already…or the TV movie starring Helen Hunt, who is way more appropriate casting than Nicole Kidman.


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Teachers like Jesus “Jessie” Gonzalez are perverts that they all need to be locked up in jail…. What are they teaching? How to be a pervert in life?

Jesus Gonzalez was not a New York teacher….. He was a high school teacher in Hudson Texas… And yes is so embarrassing that he of all the teachers did what he did…. I think marrying that girl was a mistake…. He still suffering the consequences, it’s funny how he thought that he was never going to get caught….

Nah, getting fired for stealing gear is appropriate, just like a prison sentence for fucking your students is appropriate. The chick busted for sexting should be locked up for stupidity alone. Darwinism in action. As for the dude who photoshopped his porn… just put him in with general population. They’ll know what to do with him.

This list makes me think that should not have fired the lady that stole the AV equipment, it just doesn’t seem nearly as bad as fucking your students or sexting them or whaevering them.

at least SOME of the women were kinda hot, those dudes are not hot! I’m feeling sorry for America’s youth.