Racism in El Cajon And The Killing Of Shaima Alawadi

So I’m getting all caught up on the vicious murder of 32-year-old mother of 5, Shaima Alawadi. She was beaten uncontentious in her home in El Cajon (a small city in San Diego). She died later in the hospital of her injuries. There was a threatening note left near the body telling the family to basically go back where they came from.

The police of El Cajon told the Los Angeles Times that they are investigating and that they haven’t seen any free floating signs of hostility towards people of ethnicity in El Cajon. I mean look, someone could murder her and try to disguise it as a hate crime. Yes, that’s possible I guess but I grew up in El Cajon. I was born in El Cajon Valley Hospital in 1970 and I did 20 solid years of hard time in El Cajon. I know it might be a different place now, because apparently it’s the home to the second largest Iraqi population in the United States, and it certainly was not when I lived there. When I lived there it was mostly white and Mexican.

One of the things I do remember about El Cajon was A LOT of racist hostility, and hostility toward women. I remember Mexican’s getting beat up for crossing the boarder to find work. I remember tons of racist slurs and comments. I remember lots of crystal meth, food stamps, alcoholism, crime, bikers, occult and a general sense of lawlessness.

It doesn’t shock me at all that this happened in El Cajon, but for the cops to pretend that this place is some kind of suburban utopia where there’s no free floating hostility toward people of ethnicity…I call total and complete bullshit on that.

And again, I’m not saying that it was or wasn’t a hate crime. Like I said…it could be someone in her family who killed her and maybe they’re just trying to make it look like a hate crime, but to pretend that El Cajon isn’t racist, isn’t hostile toward people of ethnicity, is kinda bologna.