Port-A-Potty Peeping Tom Tells All!!

So last week we told you about the dude who got busted hiding out INSIDE a port-a-potty tank at a Boulder yoga festival, looking to catch a glimpse of some nakedness. Yeah.  I’m guessing that wasn’t the only thing he caught!

Well,  more has come out about the port-a-potty peeping tom and surprise, surprise he’s a bit on the odd side.

His name is Luke Chrisco (WHAT?!?!) and he’s just your typical 30 year old nutjob new age pervert.

“I was at the yoga festival, doing a little bit of yoga, and I’m just seeing all these goddesses,” Chrisco told FOX31 Denver. “It seems crazy, but I just felt like I was being blessed by their energy, even though it was unintentional.”

So Luke did what anyone would do when feeling a little frisky…he climbed into the tank of this port-a-potty and got all R Kelly in that shit. Sorry, poor word choice.

Leave it to Luke to defend the sanctity  of the port-a-potty.

“There’s bacteria in there, but to me it’s just normal…we all have bodily fluids,” he said. “It seems terrible, but it didn’t actually smell that bad or anything. I still would have done it even if it smelled a little weird, because where there is muck, there is gold.”

Or at least golden showers.

Check out this HILAR animation of  the incident:

Police believe  that Chrisco has spied on at least 200 woman and they have also confirmed that he has drilled peep holes in the public restrooms of several area businesses.

“I’ll be honest, it was a lifestyle that I was living,” Chrisco said, “just by choice trying to find my private way to exercise my spiritual beliefs. I made a vow to myself…that I never wanted to frighten any girl. I would rather put a gun to my head than scare anyone or hurt anyone. That’s how I live my life.” Sounds like a real sweetheart.

Chrisco was developing a pornographic spiritual website before his arrest.  I love this guy!

Click here to hear an exclusive interview with Luke Chrisco, the most interesting man in the world. Sorry Dos Equis guy…you’ve been replaced!

Audio Interview With The Port-A-Potty Peeping Tom


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