Awkward Nancy Grace Dancing With The Stars Promo Shots [PICS]

This is not Chaz Bono, this is Nancy Grace… in her first promo pics for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Who knew that she would look LESS feminine in a fancy dress and heels than she does in the butchie man suits she wears on her nightly talk show. She looks about as feminine as a drag queen or some kind of professional body builder… So weird and creepy. She’s built like a toddler.

Will you be tuning in? Or tuning out?

What did you think of Nancy’s performance on Dancing With The Stars Last Night? WATCH THE VIDEO OF HER DEBUT PERFORMANCE BY CLICKING HERE!

Spreckels Murder Called A Suicide By Police – Are You Buying It??? [VIDEO]

San Diego police are now calling Rebecca Zahau’s murder a suicide?

They say that Rebecca was so distraught over the condition of her boyfriend’s son, who fell down the stairs while she was babysitting him and later died, so she killed herself. She killed herself by tying a rope to the bed and the balcony, stripping down naked, then tying that same rope around her neck and then tied her own hands BEHIND her own back and then threw herself off the balcony.

What the F kind of bullsh*t investigating led police to this conclusion? Rebecca’s family does not believe this scenario at all. Family members spoke to Rebecca the night before her death and that say that she did not seem suicidal at all. Her suicide note was written on the wall in all caps – everyone knows that caps are harder to analyze than regular handwriting and police have NEVER even asked her family for a sample of her handwriting.


Do you believe this scenario?

Nancy Grace To Face The Judges on Dancing With The Stars!

Nancy Grace has been officially added to the cast of the 13th season of “Dancing With The Stars.” I will unfortunately not be able to watch, because ABC’s Dancing With The Stars had that violent woman beater Chris Brown on their show last season, and not even Nancy Grace will get me to go back on my boycott of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars for promoting and giving money to an unapologetic violent criminal.

Nancy recently met with her dance partner in Atlanta, and the rest of the cast will be announced tonight after a very special episode of The Bachelor Pad, a show that I have never even heard of.

She’s Baaaack! Casey Anthony Secretly Checks In For Probation In Florida

Theses hate mobs are really dropping the ball on this whole Casey Anthony thing. She secretly checked in for probation a few days early, throwing off reporters and haters who had no idea how tricky Totmom really is. There were no protesters, no mobs, nobody. Where she’s staying and who her probation officer is, remains a secret for now.

She is literally insane if she thinks that people won’t find her or track her down. Where the hell is Anonymous or Lulzsec when you need them? They could find her in a second.

How long do you think until people track her down? How crafty is she?

Hot Sauce Mom Found Guilty Of Being A Horrible Mom

The ‘Hot Sauce’ mom from the Dr. Phil show, who punished her son by giving him ice cold showers and shoving hot sauce down his throat (and then used the physical abuse and humiliation of her son to seek fame on Dr. Phil’s talk show) was found guilty of misdemeanor child abuse yesterday. She is facing up to year in jail and fine of up to $10,000 while her son faces a lifetime of therapy and messed up relationships with women.

I think a more fitting punishment would be to make her douche with hot sauce. Fill her Va-jay-jay full of hot sauce and we’ll call it a day.

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Casey Anthony Is Going To Heaven! Confesses Sin & Accepts Jesus As Her Savior

Casey Anthony’s attorneys are trying to fight her probation, but the Florida state attorney general’s office filed its response on Monday arguing that it is not legally possible to serve probation while incarcerated. Who cares? A year of probation for some kind of check fraud? It’s complete bullsh*t. The only thing I like about her probation, is that she doesn’t want to do it: Too bad baby killer!

So, now Casey Anthony is back in Florida to server her probation and seeking spiritual guidance according to professional scumbag Jose Baez. From what I’m reading, some friends of Jose Baez consider themselves spiritual, so Casey is talking to them and he calls that “seeking spiritual guidance”. Trust me, anybody who is friends with Jose Baez has no connections with any sort of God or gods other than notoriety and money.

So people are asking… With Casey seeking spiritual guidance… What happens if Casey confesses her sin, atones for her crime and accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior? Will she go to heaven? According to the teachings of Christianity she would, but then Casey would have to feel things like sorrow and regret, and do things like tell the truth, which she is incapable of, so I wouldn’t worry too much about seeing Casey Anthony in heaven anytime soon, or anytime at all for that matter.

What do you think? If Casey confesses her sin and believes that Jesus is God will she go to heaven even though she killed her daughter? Are you cool with that?

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