Unprotected Teen Sex On The Rise In The USA

A new poll shows that unsafe teen sex is on the rise. The poll shows that teens in the United States having unprotected sex has risen almost 40% in the past 3 years. What tha???

Here are their main excuses for not using, or not wanting to use protection:

1.    None around.
2.    They run out.
3.    Too embarrassed that their parents are gonna find it.
4.    Ashamed to ask their doctors.
5.    Their partner doesn’t like using them.
6.    They don’t like using them.
7.    Both prefer not using them.
8.    And a number of teens think contraceptives are “uncool.”

If you think condoms are “uncool,” wait till you get a nasty case of herpes OR WORSE. Suddenly condoms are gonna seem a lot cooler to you.


Nancy Grace’s Wardrobe Malfunction on Dancing With The Stars

Looks like one of “the twins” slipped out during Nancy’s performance on Dancing With The Stars tonight. Nothing wrong with that. Few things make us happier than seeing this picture of Nancy’s nipple. That nipple fights for justice and feeds the twins, and Nancy should be proud!

People Save Motorcyclist From Fiery Crash In Logan Utah [AMAZING VIDEO]

Did you see this sh*t on the news yesterday? It’s amazing. Just watch the video of some people who come together to lift a car and save a motorcyclist from a fiery crash in Utah. This guy is alive because of these people. One of the men says that he was scared and the car was hot. NO SHIT! It looks hot as hell. GOOD JOB BYSTANDERS!

But then did you see what they did to him immediately following?


Now meet a guy who gets boners at Walmart!

Drama Queen Ryan O’Neal Hates Murder Queen Nancy Grace According To TMZ

This is a website devoted to true crime and that’s why we are bringing you the latest breaking news in the battle between Murder Queen Nancy Grace and Drama Queen Ryan O’Neal.

TMZ is reporting that Ryan pretended to have a bad knee when really he backed out of the show because he hates Twin Mom Nancy Grace. Ryan feels that Nancy has disrespected his precious family and simply couldn’t stand to share the stage with the Nanster. Hope none of Ryan’s babies goes missing!

I mean it’s not like Nancy is just some drunk cougar trying to get it on with her young dancing partner!

Nancy Grace’s 9/11 Variety Hour – I Will Remember You – REVIEW

So I got up this morning to turn on CNN’s Headline News and found Nancy Grace, cloaked in sparkly black leather and a Betty Rubble necklace (as per usual) hosing her first annual 9/11 Variety Hour titled “I Will Remember You.”

The show started with Nancy and the twins being carried in sedan chair by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, Jane Casarez, Sue Moss and Peter Odom.

Nancy breast fed the twins as she talked to various family members of 9/11 victims. It got really sad and that’s when the 9/11 dancers took the stage to do a beautifully choreographed dance to Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven.”

Then the stage went dark and 30 min in figure skates took the stage – an impressive site – it was the New York City Firemen’s Local who did an ice skating routine to Aretha Franklin’s Rescue Me choreographed by none other than America’s own Scott Hamilton!

Toward the end Nancy played Public School 116’s comedy YouTube reenactment of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

It’s goin’ viral after this for sure!

What a beautiful and touching 9/11 tribute that CNN and Nancy Grace put together. Truly inspiring. I look forward to next years extravaganza.

I feel like this is going to be the next step in 9/11 memorials, because after all folks, terrorism is all about RATINGS!

Check out Nancy Grace lookin’ like your friends drunk cougar mom on Dancing With The Stars!