Murderer Sues State For Saving His Worthless Life

A convicted murderer is suing the state of Colorado for saving his worthless life.

In 2003 this guy Daniel Self murdered 24-year-old Leah Gee who was pregnant at the time. Daniel refuses to admit guilt and instead blames the victim, saying that she shot herself. Uh, yeah… right.

So this scumbag is serving a life sentence for killing this 24-year-old girl and her unborn child, and he’s got sleep apnea and sometimes stops breathing in his sleep. I guess he has “ordered” prison guards not to resuscitate him if he stopped breathing in his sleep. Wow, I didn’t know that prisoners were allowed to “order” prison guards around.

So this douchebag stops breathing and the guards save him and now he’s suing the State… Who gives a crap what this guy thinks or wants? I think that whatever this guy wants… the State should do the opposite and then beat his ass for causing problems.

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I agree…what is going on? Since when do the prisoners tell the authorities what to do? We’d save a helluva lot of tax money if we let them sit behind bars with no entertainment, cheap food and water, no technology and NO GYM!!! BTW, why are we allowing these guys to get big and strong? So they can overtake the prison guards? Really???? The laws need to change….we need to get back to right and wrong….we need to stop letting evil people manipulate the system.