Most Outrageous Quotes From The Casey Anthony Jailhouse Letters!

Here are just a few disgusting thigs that Casey Anthony says in just released jailhouse letters to fellow inmate Robyn Adams. I was going to comment on each quote, but the commentary was basically all the same for each quote. Me screaming and writhing in disgust as bile pushed it’s way up the back of my throat. Enjoy!

“I always wanted to adopt a baby or child from another country — is it selfish to want one from Ireland? Accent and all? If I do it someday, I’ll adopt local,” Anthony wrote.

In jailhouse letters,¬†Casey described how she wanted to get her “teeth whitened and wear sexy panties again.”

Anthony also confides that she’s interested in writing a “partial memoir / comedy / relationship advice book for those not in the know.It’s a way to settle many rumors and to share my insight about love, life and most important – God.”

“I could use a day at Target myself,” she wrote. “Just to walk around the store, to be a part of society. I want to go grocery shopping.”

“So many kids and teens are homeless and that’s something I want to target.”

“RV pricing will be fun. It will be custom designed, all colorful and creative. I wonder what will happen when you put two photographers/artists in one RV? We’ll know soon enough,” Anthony wrote.

“I’ve thought about adopting, which even sounds weird to me saying it, but there are so many children that deserve to be loved. Let’s make a deal? Let’s get pregnant together?”

Casey wrote, “I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable going back home there after everything that’s happened.”

Read them for yourself in Casey’s own creepy fucking handwriting.

Click here to scroll through the letters.

What do you think? Are you as disgusted as I am???