Most Likely to MURDER! High School Photos Of The Infamous!


Because even cold-blooded killers had to suffer through high school…SMILE!  Or just look like a blank-faced psychopath…

Richard Ramirez

Give me liberty or give me death! I don’t have to tell you which one the Nightstalker went with…

Joel Rifkin

Life will only get better after high school… young nerd Joel Rifkin once reasoned….wrongly.

Susan Smith

The Mullet…a definite gateway crime.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Hobbies include killing small animals and foreign cuisine.

Charles Whitman

Voted Most likely to have an undiagnosed brain tumor and go on a mass killing spree.

Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme

Best subjects- English, Home Ec Worst subjects-Math, Assassination

David Koresh

Never did get a new pair of glasses.

Andrea Yates

Yes, she was on the swim team…gulp!

Ted Kaczynski

Even the Unabomber started off with baking soda/peroxide volcanoes.

Dennis Radar- BTK Killer

back in the day, he was a real lady killer…some people never change.

Diane Downs

Voted biggest flirt.  I bet her kids don’t find her very charming.

Andrew Cunanan

Rocking the gay Patrick Batemen look.

Leslie Van Houten

Most likely to be denied parole.

Ted Bundy

President of the ‘I Hate My Fucking Mom And will Kill Every Bitch That Reminds Me Of Her’ Club

Casey Anthony

Does this look like the face of a girl who just blew her father?

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