MORE Casey Anthony Trial Evidence Crime & Surveillance Photos & Video

More evidence against Casey. This time with surveillance photos from stores where she shopped with stolen checks… spending money on things like bottled water and bras while her daughters tiny body rots and decays in a field near the Anthony family home.

Early in 2008 Casey’s boyfriend posts this picture on his MySpace account. It was later discovered that someone searched for “Chloroform” 84 times on the Anthony home computer. Many of those searches were done when it can be proven that Cindy and George were not home. Police suspect that Casey used Chloroform to knock Caylee out so that she could go out partying and drinking with her “friends”.


Casey Anthony’s mugshots.


Casey Anthony see at a Blockbuster store on June 16, 2008. This image was captured mere hours after Caylee was last seen alive.


Another image of Casey in the Blockbuster store just hours after George saw her alive. She hasn’t been seen alive since.


Casey got this tattoo on July 2, 2008. It says ‘Bella vita’ which is Italian for ‘beautiful life.’ Caylee had been missing for 2 weeks at this point.


Three weeks after Caylee was last seen alive Casey shops at Target ALONE.


Casey Anthony at Target on July 8th buying things like bras and bottled water with checks she stole from her grandmother.


Two days later on July 10th Casey takes the check book that she stole from her grandmother and heads back to Target WITHOUT CAYLEE for more merchandise.


Casey Anthony cashing a stolen check on July 15, 2008, the same day Caylee was first reported missing, one month after she was last seen alive. Caylee’s little body rots while the woman who murdered her cashes stolen checks.


Jailhouse conversations between Casey and her parents taking place on July 25th and August 3rd, 2008.


June 1, 2010 – Casey’s hand and leg restraints became tangled and she fell to the ground. Officers were unable to stop her fall. Nor did they care to really bother. Casey chipped a tooth and busted her lip in the fall which is why her face looks a little different lately.



Orland has a low rate of conviction for felony crime. Here are the stats for the 9th circuit. Let’s hope this jury does the right thing.


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Ummm the ACCURATE time/date stamp for this video is 06/02/2008. This time/date has been falsified!!