Misty Croslin Speaks Out From Jail!

Misty Croslin is looking more like a prison bitch these days and this prison bitch is speaking out from behind bars.

“I’ve always said the same thing,” Croslin, 19, said in the 20-minute interview posted on the station’s website last week. “I never said anything different…People don’t understand that it kills me every day to know that I was asleep, I woke up and she was gone.”

Misty blames investigators for focusing on her and not following up on possible new leads. She still claims to know nothing.

Just like TotMom she’s a victim… About Ron Cummings she said, “All he did was use me.”

Deflecting all blame for Haleigh’s disappearance she claims, “I feel like it’s my fault, but in reality it’s not my fault. I feel like I let her down.”

Yeah, that’s an UNDERSTATEMENT Misty.

Watch the video!