All The Good Ones Are Taken: Man Kills Wife For Trashing His Star Wars Toy Collection

Rickie La Touche has been found guilty of murder for killing his wife. They had some kind of fight that led to her trashing his collection of Star Wars toys. I think that anybody who’s ever dated a nerd has fantasized about doing that at one point or another. Only this didn’t end is hot nerdy make-up sex like you might imagine.

LA Douche, I mean La Touche was so pissed at the sight of his smashed up Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker toys – that he killed his wife. How? you ask…Did he use the force Darth Vader style? No, he took a pillow and smothered his wife pussy style, and then ran crying (like a true Jedi knight) to his mum’s house up the street.

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