LulzSec Internet Mafia – Boys Will Be Boys

I’m obsessed with LulzSec. I’m exhausted and I need to go to bed but I can’t stop reading…

LulzSec is a group of hackers (for lack of a better word) who are so smart and talented that they live in the real live matrix. They can walk through firewalls and into top secret government websites like Jesus walked on water. I’m talking the CIA, the U.S. Senate and Sony PlayStation Network. Now they are being accused of stealing the entire results of the 2011 census for the United Kingdom.

The government, many governments, all the governments are trying to catch these guys. They’re all over the world. A 19 year old English dude got arrested and police proclaimed that they had captured the leader of LulzSec.

From what the boys running the  LulzSec Twitter account say, this guy is mildly associated with them… Not like we can trust what LulzSec says about anything. I mean why would they tell the truth about anything? Any truths could give away some clue as to who they are.

Also, this isn’t a movie… I doubt there’s an evil teen with a hairless cat running some kind of operation from his parent’s basement. These guys probably aren’t a bunch of minions. I’m guessing they’re all the leader.

I can’t pretend to be a LulzSec expert. I am computarded at best. I enjoy following their tweets and reading the articles about them. It’s like watching a real life Smokey and the Bandit. The authorities are running around like they’re going to find these guys and arrest them. It’s bigger than arresting teenagers. You can’t stop evolution, all you can do is try to keep up. These guys are evolved. These guys are smarter than the people that are looking for them. You can’t even hire them to work for the Government, they’re not stupid like the rest of us.

LulzSec graffiti has been showing up in my home town of San Diego… on the Mission Beach boardwalk…

They’re just letting the world know that they are out there. Even in sunny San Diego.

Everyone acts like they are a bunch of teenagers but I’d be willing to bet there are some fat older bearded middle-aged dudes doing it too. Or at least I like to think so, because being a website editor I think fat, middle-aged dudes who can work internet magic are hot. I’m pretty sure that makes me a nerdofile.

Look at their crazy logo? I kinda like all their meme style art work. Is that a Pop-tart cat? Hot!


Now LulzSec is being hacked by other hackers.

I wish I knew more about computers. This all sounds amazingly cool. I have never had the ambition that these guys have. Even when I was a teenager. I think they are all pretty cool.

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