Justin Bieber Attacked By 47 Year Old Mad Man! [VIDEO!]

Earlier today Justin Bieber was attacked by a crazed 47 year old man at the launch of his new fragrance for girls called “SOMEDAY” at Macy’s in New York.

Look at all these Beliebers just lining up to get their very own bottles of SOMEDAY! Throngs of screaming girls and a a teen idol, nay, I say teen GOD standing before them IN THE FLESH with 15 dudes standing between Bieber and total chaos. What could possibly go wrong? The event was supposed to look something like this…

But it ended up looking more like this as Justin Bieber is viciously attacked by a deranged maniac!

That video and the guys filming it are hilarious.

Good for Bieber! What a total badass! Fighting back! Way to go little man! EYE OF THE TIGER BIEBER! Bieber is BADASS!

Or maybe paranoid is more like it. As it turns out it was all a HUGE misunderstanding.

TMZ reports:

Oh no! So the Biebs thought he was being attacked when that nice cop was trying to help him! And then the Keystone Kops swooped in and laid a whole lotta hurt on this guy that was just trying to do his job. Can you imagine? You’re a NYC cop assigned to protect Justin Bieber, and then you’re doing your jobs when Justin Bieber (the very man you are assigned to protect) and his hired goons swoop in and beat your ass. How will that cop ever live down having his ass beat by Bieber???!!! The boys down at the precinct will have a field day with this guy.

Justin Bieber and his goons take out one of New York’s finest.

Good times guys.