Jaycee Dugard Speaks! Watch The Full Interview [VIDEO]

If you don’t know who Jaycee Dugard is, you have probably been living in a secret hidden compound in someone’s backyard. Jaycee was kidnapped on June 10th 1991 when she was 11 years old by a monster named Phillip Garrido who raped and tortured her for 18 years, keeping her a prisoner in his back yard. She had two children, both fathered by Garrido who was later sentenced to 431 years in jail.

Last night ABC aired an interview with Jaycee who sat down with Diane Sawyer to tell her story, in her own words. We’ve never heard her speak and I’ll tell you that this is an amazing interview. Jaycee seems like a very cool chick. She’s been through an unimaginable horror and has written a book about it called “A Stolen Life,” which is why she’s coming forward to speak now. I’m glad she’s finally speaking out. It’s an important part of her healing process and frankly, we are all dying to hear her story in her own words. She’s suffered horribly but is still somehow full of grace and beauty.

You can watch the full interview right here:

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