Jake Schalmo of Schalmo Productions $5 Million Dollar Interview With Casey Anthony!

Hey True Crime Junkies and others… remember back when Casey Anthony got out of jail even though we all know that she murdered her daughter? Remember when that guy Jake Schalmo, of Schalmo Productions bragged about making her this $5 million interview offer for an interview?

People were outraged and everyone looked him up on Facebook and saw this:

Wow! Look at him! He clearly books on priceline.com. I mean how else would a guy like this be able to afford a room at a two star hotel like this? This guy is nothin’ but class.

So all these weeks later he’s still tweeting messages to his celebrity “friends.”

I mean he’s already got 188 followers on Twitter! Why, that’s almost 188 more followers than my Grandma who doesn’t even have a Twitter account!

In the past few weeks Jake has been working on coming up with that $5 Million for Casey.

Oh that’s right, Casey flew to Ohio for some TMZ photo money making opportunity and he’s had a meeting on the 4th in Columbus, Ohio. He’s clearly making arrangements for something very special.

So Jake is working hard from his big, fast paced, modern, production office… in Columbus, Ohio. I think that Jake thinks his Facebook photos are private or something, but they’re not. They appear in the feeds of anyone who has ever requested his friendship… like I did back when he made his $5 Million dollar offer to Casey.

He’s clearly too busy wheeling and dealing to respond to my friend request but he has had the time to upload a few pics to Facebook.

Awww, baby daddy.

I’ll bet he’d love Casey to be his new baby mommy.

Wow, look at this pad. He must be loaded!

In this shot he’s wearing one of those amazing new invisible shirts. They’re all the rage. You gotta have shit-loads of dough to even be able to purchase one. Clearly, this guy is at the top of his field to even be able to afford one.

Self-branding is the latest trend is high paid television production. This guy Schalmo is ahead of the times, ahead of the game, and clearly the king of the world of bad renaissance fair fonts.

Holy shit, is that a Chevy? You know what they say about dudes who drive American made cars, right? “They always have $5 Million dollars to pay baby killers.” That’s what my Grandma told me back in the 1970’s so I know it’s true.

Pardon my French, but is that one of those wife beaters tank tops? Wow. This… guy… is… amazing. I’m not sure from this photo but I think that chair is made of 100% pure fabric. This guy must be loaded.

And there’s several pic simply put up to prove that there is someone out there with low enough standards to be willing to kiss him in front of a camera. She reminds me of several of my aunts.

I’m sorry but this guy is a joke. I’m not even gonna bash on him because quite frankly, he reminds me of several people I’m related to and who the hell am I to judge a cheap publicity stunt? There but for the grace of Satan go I!

I think Jake is doing this all wrong though.  I think he should just offer $5 Million dollars to the first bounty hunter who brings Casey Anthony to his front door and film it. He’d have a better chance of booking the actual interview.

I’m pretty sure the only offer Jake is actually capable of fulfilling, is a promise to pick up some of that sweet prescription weed next time he’s at the pharmacy.

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You are just as disgusting as that lying baby killer. Like anyone would watch anything that you produce….so go ahead, pay that murderer for killing her baby….that should gain you great respect in the media community!!!!