Is Casey Anthony Competent To Stand Trial? YES!

Jose Baez was up to his usual tricks this weekend when on Saturday proceedings were brought to an abrupt stop… it was a big mystery. Nobody knew what was going on but today we found out that Team Baez filed a motion to determine her competency to proceed with the trial.

Judge Belvin Perry had Casey Anthony examined by three psychologists over the weekend and ALL THREE psychologists found Anthony competent to proceed with the trial. Turns out that being guilty doesn’t make you incompetent. Sorry Baez.

This morning Perry said “Based upon the reports that the court has reviewed, the court will find that the defendant is competent to proceed” and with that the trial got back underway this morning.

Grasping at straws much Baez?

Team Baez has done their best to discredit the prosecution’s case and theory but so far they are failing miserably in the eyes of the American public who pretty much all agrees that Casey is a baby murderer. Let’s just hope that this jury has their heads screwed on straight and can see things clearly and that we don’t end up with another OJ situation. It’s time to lock Casey up and throw away the key.

Let’s roll!


As if she needs any more detours to prevent her inevitable fate. It’s ridiculous and somewhat fascinating to see the lengths Baez will go to prolong the trial even more. What a sleeze.

This trial is a compelling reason to keep trials off of TV. Much like the circus the OJ Simpson trial became, there is so much real life tragedy here. That said, its hugely compelling to watch.