How Much Did TMZ Pay For Posed Pics Of Casey Anthony?

How much did you pay TMZ? How much did you give to that baby killer?

TMZ posted some extremely stiff and posed pictures of Casey Anthony this morning. The pics show Casey (clearly showing up as pre-arranged with photographers) “candidly” walking down the street and then shopping in the front of a store window, pretending to be looking at stuff.

The baby killer wears jeans and a tight shirt, showing off her baby-killin’ rack and an Ohio State baseball hat.

She’s looking at dresses in this Old Navy store window. The only times Casey wears a dress is when it’s an American Flag, or when she’s pole dancing, and when in God’s name has she ever a pink summer dress? You know who would have worn a cute pink dress like that? Caylee. Everything about this picture is posed and fake.

Oh and if you’re boycotting companies who support Casey, boycott Old Navy. That’s where she is fake shopping in this picture. Clearly pre-arranged. Send your hate mail to Old Navy. Get on it people.

Then Casey walks, talking on her cellphone and drinking a beverage, alone down a beautiful shady street. Something Caylee will never be able to do. Looks like fun, baby killer.

TMZ claims that Casey is “trying to blend in” but that’s such a load of bullshit. She wore the red cap that she told the photographers she’d be wearing so that they could identify her easily. There’s nothing “candid” or unplanned about these photos.

You guys wanna boycott people who are giving Casey money… start with TMZ. Shower them with hate mail and stop watching their show. They are giving money to a baby killer. Don’t forget Old Navy while you’re at it.

Ohio has nothing to do with this – it’s just a ruse to throw everyone off. You can’t tell me she was in Ohio longer than the 6 hours it took to do this photo shoot. The hat is just to throw people off. As soon as they were done, I’m sure she jumped on a plane and went back to Palm Springs or wherever she’s really staying for now. Everything was planned. Nothing about this was an accident.

For those of you who are saying that TMZ didn’t pay Casey, stop fooling yourselves. TMZ pays the photographer, and the photographer pays Casey. That’s how TMZ attempts to keep their hands clean in this mess, but they know full well that when they pay the photographer, they are paying Casey. If you let them get off on that technicality, you’re as stupid as TMZ is hoping you are.

Prove to Caylee that you’re not all talk. Time to take action.

If you don’t think it’s Casey READ THIS: Leonard Padilla: TMZ pictures … definitely NOT Casey


She violated her childs civil rights by not calling 911 and reporting her daughters death to law enforcement, violated her daughters basic civil right to emergency services and life saving techniques. Every person should have the basic right to receive life saving techniques.
We owe the little child a proper burial, which includes discerning what exactly happened to her.

The United States’ Declaration of Independence states “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness-”

The federal government is required to step in when a citizen’s civil rights have been violated. The childs inalienable rights were not only violated, but stolen from her.

Attorney General, may be sent to:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

and she wouldn’t have went out looking so much like herself unless she wanted to draw attention,Old Navy needs to be boycotted…..I bet she never shopped for Caylee,how could she with no job?
I knew it was her on the very 1st pic and haven’t clicked again but I hear she’s paid on each click,Disgusting!

I think we are 2 quick 2 yell boycott, do’nt think old navy was part of this scam of Baez’s. do’nt think the woman in grey is anthony, the 1 that goes into the store and stands by window. the 1 in black looks more like her stroling toward the camera and turning aside just as she gets close.Witchever it was set up

Anything that has to do with the publication for financial gain by Casey Anthony WILL ABSOLUTELY be boycotted by me. For her to have this attitude, and Caylee will never see the brightness this world has to offer, is so appalling and selfish to me. But as a firm Christian believer, she will ultimately pay the price for what is coming to her, with or without this world, and with or without our boycotts. Still, we should not give these companies an inch for the financial windfall this may produce with the death of just a baby who never got a chance to know what love and happiness for a lifetime could be all about….. We need to sign a universal petition to express our distaste of such attitude and conduct.

kinda puffy to when she walked out of jail 2.5 weeks ago? did she gain a few pounds since? idk, could be or couldn’t be

You just made yourself look like an idiot. You make it clear and obvious that I proved you wrong. You suck .

CJ thats how you respond? with an insult? you clearly say that she was paid by TMZ to have these pictures taken. whos the idiot now.

I don’t care if you agree with me or not, I’m really impressed with the comments here and how educated our readers seem to be. Thanks to everyone for reading and taking the time to comment.

the story abouve says shes looking at dresses…people need to get the story straight,shes looking at scarfs/purses/and tops!

Well, I watched the video and I didn’t see her looking at scarfs/purses and tops but if that’s what she looked at, I don’t really think that is what is important about this story.

if you watch the video,shes in quite a hurry and not real comfortable either,goes in the store,stays by the window and rummages threw some scarfs and tops. she buys nothing and comes back out of store,done deal$$$

whats wrong with you people! shes either 1.a paid look alike. moles and beauty marks can be drawn on or glued on. HELLO! its 2011! 2. if it really is her…which really looks like her..A LOT..she noticed she was being followed. so she only ran in and ran out. TMZ would never pay her money! are u guys kidding me. shes protected my an entire law firm! they are housing her, taking care of her, and giving her money. How the flying fuck do you get a murderer who is protected, to have a 2 sec. photo shoot?flown in? all your arguments are flawed. like I said. shes either a look a like. or really her. im pretty sure her lawyer wouldnt allow her to just “fly off” its ridiculousness. well just like o.j. killed his wife,did some time, court, not guilty, went home, started to golf. these people have no remorse for there actions, nor do they think it was wrong. so i wouldnt be surprised if she partied and fucked her lawyer when she got out. Took and accepted a bunch of money from supporters and went for a walk. Why? can’t she go for a walk? how the hell do u know what state shes in? shes obviously not allowed in Florida by law. Does not mean her plane and lawyers where impossible to find. when more photos pop up we’ll see whos right.

Sorry, but if you can’t plainly see that is Casey Anthony with your own two eyes, you’re kind of an idiot Vanessa.

Vanessa’s post made no sense to me. Her lawyers are flying her all over in a private plane, so yes, they are flying her everywhere and she could fly in and out of ohio to have pictures taken. The pictures were taken by a photographer that was tipped off by the defense team and I’m sure they had eveything arranged ahead of time. The part where Vanessa said she is not allowed in Florida by law, is not true, she is allowed wherever she wants to go. What is so hard to comprehend about this article? It makes complete sense to me. Read the other comment I posted, it explains eveything that happened. Thanks for a great article!

Splash Online were the ones who sold the pics to TMZ. I was trying to figure out why she would be alone, seemed so relaxed, the paparazzi didn’t approach her, and she was wearing 2 different outfits (which means whoever took the pics had access to her 2 different times and didn’t approach her). I think it was all a set up by baez. Splash Online uses what they call ‘people paparazzi’ which means anyone can take a pic and Splash will pay them for it just like they would pay a professional photog. The pics were probably taken by the defense team and sold to Splash. Since they struck out with geting paid by the networks for an interview because of boycotting, they probably did this to get her a pay day for pics. Those sneaky scumbags. It all makes sense to me now.

Primping her shirt at the beginning of video…then smoothing her hair at the end of video – JUST like she always did when cameras were on her throughout the trial!!! So TMZ just takes these pics and then buggers off??? No following her??? LOL I do NOT support ANYONE who supports a baby KILLER!!! So long TMZ – Adios Old Navy!!! Not MY time or $$$$ anymore!!!

Thank you CJ for a well written article..I’m starting to believe there are only 12 (maybe a few more) of us that are NOT village idiots..why can’t these people understand what you say in your article is true. I was trying to tell people this last night, after the pics were first released, they thought I was crazy..If I read one more time “OMG she’s out walking by herself” or that’s not her they have never heard of a padded bra. I think the hair might even be a wig also..her hair was in bad shape during the trial. Everyone is falling for Bozo’s game..this is just what he wanted to come out of this photo makes her interview worth more money. Oh well..I give up..people are going to believe what they want and unfortunately, we see how the jurors came up with their verdict. Too many uneducated (criminal education) people out there. (I watch way too many crime shows) Thanks for the article.

Thanks Kibby. I like your name. I purposely didn’t link to TMZ in my article. Fuck them. Other sites are linking to TMZ and that’s exactly what TMZ wants.

It’s DEF her…she’s primping that damn shirt at the very beginning of the video…then “arranging” her hair at the end – JUST like she did with the cameras on her throughout the trial. So, they just take these few pics and then…move along? NOT following her??? What am I – stupid???!!!! I DO NOT support ANYONE who supports a baby KILLER!! So long TMZ, Adios Old Navy!!!

So so staged. They make sure to get Ohio license plates in the background, WHILE she wears her Ohio hat, and then looks right at the camera as she goes in to Old Navy to shop right by the window. And to top it off, TMZ camera guys do not heckle her. TMZ ALWAYS heckles! We’re not fools. TMZ you’re paying a baby killer, rewarding a baby killer. I won’t have anything to do with TMZ again. How outrageous and ridiculous. I bet that post murder Starbucks and TMZ paycheck tastes real good. How disgusting. What kind of message is this sending? “Parents, it pays to kill your child!”

That is most definitely Casey! I know her, know her body, know how she walks and also agree that this was pure staging!

How ’bout this – that’s not her in the photos, bone-brain. It’s staged, from start to finish, and if TMZ paid for these, someone walked laughing their unholy asshole off.

Isn’t it always the ignorant ones who make their points by trying to insult you? What makes you think that’s not her? It’s been verified and the moles in the TMZ images and her mugshots line up perfectly. Perhaps it’s time for an eye check. Thanks for the click!

I was thinking the same thing. It was a little weird how she went in the store for 1 minute and walked out. If you go shopping you would be there a little while. Also, if TMZ was following her don’t you think they would know where she was living there? She was walking, it wouldn’t be too hard to follow her. Boycott TMZ

Exactly. She doesn’t live there. She flew in for the photo shoot. Good call on the “they would know where she lived” – they’d have followed her to her hotel or where she was staying.

tmz was called by baez and they set up this app. to get video and pics of casey.if you watch the video you are able to see she was on a $mission$ she was paid to do this.tmz doesnt have to know where she lives,they just met at this store at a date and time and thats it,pretty simple.thats what tmz does for a living.

Well, TMZ is about celebrity – and to me baby killers are different than celebrities so I have no problem boycotting TMZ for this.

Yeah, and she’s in real DANGER as her pimps say. That’s why she’s surrounded by Baez bodyguards, huh? Oh well, a girl’s gotta have her ridicuously high-priced cup of coffee. I NEVER watch TMZ but did check out the website to see what all the commotion was about. The site is on the level of Baez & all the Anthonys. Will Levin EVER grow up???