Hasidic Boy’s Murder Solved By Hasidic Amateur Detective [AMAZING VIDEO]

I’ve been in New York for over a week now, following the murder of little Leiby Kletzky from the day he was reported missing. I think a few hours had passed and he was late getting home when the news started flashing us his photos and asking New Yorkers if we had see this little boy. Little Hasidic boys don’t go missing. “If this boy is missing, something horrible has happened,” I thought. It didn’t take long for us to learn poor little Leiby’s horrible fate and see images of the monster who did it.

Another Jew? It’s absolutely horrifying.

The most interesting story to come from all of this is the tale of amateur sleuth Yaakov German, the Hasidic Jew who actually solved this case for police, though I don’t see them giving him much credit.

When Yaakov found out that a young boy in his community was missing he went down to Leiby’s school and questioned every family. Once he had questioned each and every family and determined that Leiby wasn’t with any of his fellow students, he went to the streets, door to door asking for and looking for anyone who had a camera on the street. This is how the case was ultimately cracked.

For those of you following the Casey Anthony case, this guy is basically the Jewish Leonard Padilla.

Watch this video of Yaakov telling the story of how he solved the case. It’s amazing.

Here is video of little Leiby’s funeral.

The New York Daily News wrote an amazing article about German and how he solved the case and I highly recommend you check it out.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Amateur Sleuth Yaakov German Helps Cops Catch Levi Aron And Solve Murder Of Leiby Kletzky