Florida’s Mugshot King WORKS IT For The Camera!

James Way is a criminal… he’s been arrested and he’s got mugshots… a lot of mugshots. He wasn’t arrested for murder, or (despite what the pics might make you think) crystal meth, or anything else really bad… he’s just got a bad habit of trespassing A LOT! He’s been arrested 15 times in the past 3 years and 14 of those arrests were for trespassing. When people point a camera at James, he doesn’t just sit there like some criminal douchebag… he makes crazy faces for the camera and the public loves it!There’s a fine line between crystal meth and crazy.

Work it like Jimmy Carter bitch!

Thanks to Matthew Hendley & Devin Desjarlais for turning the world on to this amazingly talented man and thanks to Florida Mugshots for some amazing pics!

t-wrecks me and Cj are having a meeting today to formalize all the deets. i will let you know asap, cause i know you’ll be all over this shit. it’s been fun and easy to write little blurbs on crime everyday…can’t wait to do more juicy comedy bits
xo d-town

Haha. Hello! Yes, I would like to be a contributing writer to True Crime Junkies. What’s the timeline on written things, categories of articles and stuff? Is it just as things are completed, or are you stockpiling articles to post daily? Are you having a “launch” or we’ve already hit the ground running?

For seriously, you NEED me to be your Florida Correspondent. I’m like the Beth Fucking Karas of Florida crime complaining.

First of all, I have boundless loathing for Florida. I don’t happen to live there anymore, nor would I EVER again return without blowing the brains right out of my skull. What I can say, as an ESCAPEE of the Northern flavor of this state is that I DO, INDEED, have an opinion about the many shitfucks who make it a choice to live here.

My opinion? They’re bible-thumping, mightier-than-thou, trailer-trash who binge on booze and Hamburger Flavored Doritos prior to any unexpected springings from their Lazy-Boys and the hacking to death of their children with Grand Daddy’s Vietnam machete before getting ready for church.

Incidentally, have you ever fucking TRIED Hamburger Flavored Doritos? They’re fucking disturbing. And? They’re fucking gross.

So, there.