Every Time You Link To TMZ On Your Blog Or Website Casey Anthony Makes Money

I don’t get it. You all saw TMZ post pictures of Casey Anthony yesterday and you’re all still posting links to TMZ on your Facebook pages and walls and blogs and everything.

Do you not get it? Every time you link to TMZ they are rewarded for giving money to a baby killer. I mean, it’s not shocking that everyone seems to be ALL TALK AND NO ACTION but really, truly, disappointing people. You shouldn’t be using TMZ links at all, not even on NON-Casey Anthony related stuff.

If you are not full of total crap then stop putting links to TMZ articles on your blogs and websites and pages. Literally NO TMZ links. If you want to cover a story that TMZ has covered find it on another blog – I promise that someone else has covered that same story. Use Google folks. Post a link to ANYTHING other than the TMZ website. Stop rewarding people who pay baby killers!

I don’t care how many people TMZ filters the money through, the ultimate outcome is that they gave money to people who gave money to Casey Anthony for these photos. They knew it when they paid for the images and they don’t care. Casey Anthony is not a celebrity, she’s a woman who got away with killer her baby.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?

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