DA Seeks Death Penalty For The “Grim Sleeper” [VIDEO]

Lonnie David Franklin, the man suspected of being the “Grim Sleeper,” a serial killer who killed at least 10 girls and women ranging in age from 14 to 36, between August 1985 and January 2007, will be facing the death penalty for his crimes. Most of his victims were African American.

Franklin has pleaded not guilty.

He got his creepy nick name because there was a 10 year time gap between murder sprees.

After six days of testimony by 40 witnesses, the jurors decided that there was enough evidence to fast-track this trial but no official trial date has been set just yet. Evidence found in Franklin’s home directly links him to 3 of the victims, and circumstantial evidence links him to 8 of the victims including one of the victim’s ID card found in what cops call his “collection.”

There’s also evidence linking him to at least 160 other women that they can’t identify, photos and other personal objects found in his “collection.” Cops would love to be able to figure out who these women are, to see if they are alive or missing. Who knows how many other women this guy could have really killed?

Here is a great segment that ABC did on the case.

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