Corey Starliper Zodiac Killer Code Is A Hoax

The Huffington Post posted a link to an article on The Patch (of all places) about some dude named Corey Starplier who claims he’s cracked the Zodiac Killer’s Code.

Corey Claims that he’s cracked it FOR REALZ, using a bunch of words and numbers that make no sense to most people reading The Patch. It was printed on a actual, real life website so of course everyone believes it’s true.

Take a look:

Wow, creepy. Looks real legit and shit. Check it out, he even puts it in all caps, just like a serial killer would use.

My first thought when reading the article on The Patch (which I am now referring to The Patch Of Bullshit), was that this is clearly a hoax and why are they wasting my time and giving this guy attention?

Even I wouldn’t use The Patch as a source of original news on the internet, so it’s disappointing that the Huffington Post would link to them. It would be like using CraigsList as a source.

It’s not shocking in the least that one of the underpaid (or in most cases unpaid) writers at The Patch fell for a hoax story about cracking the Zodiac Killer’s Code. But then the Huffington Post gave the story a bunch of hits, so in the world of the internet, hoax or not, it was a success.

But don’t fall for it. The only code this guy has cracked is the code for getting some attention on the internet.

A guy who is a lot smarter than I am claims that not only is Corey’s code a hoax, but he’s got the proof and he’s printed it all out on his blog: READ HERE. I only say “claimed” because I’m not smart enough to check this guys work, but I have good instincts and it sounds pretty friggin’ smarty pants/legit to me.

This guy claims “Corey’s system allows him great freedom to guess words that fit his preconceived notions of the Zodiac case. His guesses are no better than any one else’s guesses, and his solution has no significance.”

That’s about what I thought.

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And of course “A guy who is a lot smarter than I am” is believable because he’s a lot smarter than you. Also “It was printed on a actual, real life website” so you believe it. Bah, bah goes the sheep. As to the upper case or “capital letters”. Are you certain he didn’t do just to be better read?
Is your claim correct? Who knows what other research you did. If any at all.

Sheilah Say