Clowning Around? You’re Gonna Need A License For That!

Are you sure that clown that you hired for your son’s birthday party isn’t a child molester?

Former clown turned activist, Linda Beaudoin is turning the clowning world on it’s ear! Right now pretty much any jerk on the planet can slap on greasepaint and call themselves a clown! But if Linda has her way clowns would have to pass a criminal background test and get a license before performing in public and I say It’s about time.

She wants to weed out the sexual predators and keep children safe!

Hey America, I think she’s on to something here!

For instance this guy! Street clown, Pedro Artega Velazquez, 53, was juggling on street corner when he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting his teenage stepdaughter. Might be nice to know about that BEFORE you hire him for your nephew’s birthday party.

Linda is also a blogger who has been blogging about clown crimes and convictions for years on her blog

I wish we could blame horror movies and TV shows for our creepy views of clowns, but clowns seem to do enough damage to their reputations on their own.

This new legislation would also cover mall Santas and all children’s performers.

Why do we let people that we know NOTHING about near our children and our vaginas?

If you’re hiring a clown or any other children’s performer, or even going on a date with some dude… take a minute and check the National Sex Crime Register to see if they are a friggin rapist or child molester for the love of God!