Casey Anthony Will Change Her Name And Wear Disguises When She Gets Out Of Jail

So Casey is getting out of jail in a few days and the word on the street is that she plans on changing her name and wearing disguises. She’s going to be released on Sunday, July 17th. The Lord’s day. How fitting. I’m guessing she’ll be sneaked out under cover of night in some mysterious jail van or something to avoid being followed.

A source close to Casey’s defense team says that TotMom will “likely wear disguises and live under an assumed name at a secret location after she is released from prison.”

Jane Valez Mitchell & Mike Galanos on HLN are speculating that Casey might live on a secluded island in Puerto Rico since that’s where her defense attorney Jose Baez is from and he has lots of connections there.

Sources say that Casey is aware of the death threats she’s received but that she has no idea how many people in this country truly hate her and want to do her harm. I guess she’ll find out soon enough.

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