Casey Anthony Is Set For Life! Cashing In On Murder!

What is Casey Anthony doing? Where is she? I’ve heard so many theories.

She’s in Hollywood making deals with paparazzi as to who is going to get the first shots of her post release. It’s rumored that these pics would be worth about $2 Million and Casey is going to want a cut of the pie so she’s probably making some underground deal with a photographer.

What next?

Honestly, it’s not out of question to think that she is going to have plastic surgery. In a 6 months she could be unrecognizable and living next door to you and you wouldn’t even know it.

Is she in Arizona? Hollywood? Rehab? Therapy? Who are these mysterious people who are giving her money and providing her with shelter? What kind of sick f-ed up rich d-bags are out there chomping at the bit to supply a baby killer with money, clothing, rides on private jets and a place to stay? We need to find out who these people are and shun them from society. If they own companies or products that we use, we need to boycott. We need to put up or shut up people.

We need to get organized folks.

She’s going to surface and she’s going to do some kind of an interview or something. Maybe it’ll be a book? But this woman murdered her daughter and YOU KNOW IT, and we as a society cannot reward some television station by tuning in to watch anything that she profits from. I know it’ll be hard but you literally have to not watch or buy that she might profit from. If she’s on the cover of a magazine DON’T BUY IT. I promise that you’ll get to see it later… it’ll be on YouTube or something at another time, and you’ll see reruns on TV for all of history if it’s of any consequence so just don’t tune in. Don’t make her into a celebrity. Don’t turn her into a pop culture icon. This case could define who we are, and who we become as a society. Don’t turn America into a country where murderers profit from their crimes. WE are the only ones who can stop that from happening.

If the people who thought she was guilty got as organized as her defense team is, we could actually make something happen.

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Cooling off period???? No F___G way. You may of fooled 12 idiots that sat on the Jury. You did not fool millions of Americans. NO REST TILL JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE.

I agree 100% that this case can be America’s defining moment. Will we reward a baby killer or will we stay strong and united and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I hope Americans will not back down. I hope that we will stand our ground and let there be no profit for the death of a baby. We have to show the world we are no as screwed up as everyone thinks we are!