Casey Anthony Is Living The Bella Vita… And MORE Tattoos On Trial!


If it was up to me…Casey would be given the death penalty for getting a tattoo that means beautiful life when her daughter was taken by Zanny, I mean after she had drowned in the pool or wait…what really happened Casey? I’m sure by the time the defense presents their case we’ll have 20,000 more different stories.

Casey is just one in a long line of stupid people with stupid tattoos that pretty much scream “GUILTY AS CHARGED!” I mean, sure I believe in the concept of  ‘innocent until proven guilty’ but why you gotta make it so hard on us dumb criminals??

Let’s start with Casey if you haven’t seen it…and apparently they don’t sell Proactive in the clink.

And a close up:

Now For The Rest!

He also said F you to his eyebrows
Have fun in jail with that one...
Ladies...consider yourselves warned!
pretty, pretty princess...
living proof that what goes around DOES come around! You are so right, sir!
Who are we to argue?
Pretty sure the LAPD is about to F you! Go LAPD!
FYI when committing crimes you DON'T want witnesses! Too bad bb!
He's like a confused Charlie Manson...not a good look to go for.
more like LOSERVILLE
that's not exactly true...
Myspace? Seriously?
Guilty! Of eyebrow butchering in the first degree!
you might be a redneck if...
seems like a nice enough guy...

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I think that I’m in luuuuvvvvvv! Not LOL I don’t really think that they really work for any of them. But thats just me.

EVEN after looking at THESE, I still don’t want a face tattoo. And these are like… the best of the best.