Casey Anthony Is Going To Heaven! Confesses Sin & Accepts Jesus As Her Savior

Casey Anthony’s attorneys are trying to fight her probation, but the Florida state attorney general’s office filed its response on Monday arguing that it is not legally possible to serve probation while incarcerated. Who cares? A year of probation for some kind of check fraud? It’s complete bullsh*t. The only thing I like about her probation, is that she doesn’t want to do it: Too bad baby killer!

So, now Casey Anthony is back in Florida to server her probation and seeking spiritual guidance according to professional scumbag Jose Baez. From what I’m reading, some friends of Jose Baez consider themselves spiritual, so Casey is talking to them and he calls that “seeking spiritual guidance”. Trust me, anybody who is friends with Jose Baez has no connections with any sort of God or gods other than notoriety and money.

So people are asking… With Casey seeking spiritual guidance… What happens if Casey confesses her sin, atones for her crime and accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior? Will she go to heaven? According to the teachings of Christianity she would, but then Casey would have to feel things like sorrow and regret, and do things like tell the truth, which she is incapable of, so I wouldn’t worry too much about seeing Casey Anthony in heaven anytime soon, or anytime at all for that matter.

What do you think? If Casey confesses her sin and believes that Jesus is God will she go to heaven even though she killed her daughter? Are you cool with that?

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